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How Can Website Conversion Strategies On My Site Help To Increase Sales?

Aug 17, 2007
Working on your conversion rate is the key thing in getting your visitors to become your customers. Here are some tips that can help you dothis:

- Make sure the traffic visiting your site is targeted and looking to buy. The key here is "looking to buy". There are a lot of services that claim to deliver targeted traffic but they use "interruption marketing". In other words, people are viewing other sites and when they leave that site your site is displayed as a popup. The result is that your site is nothing but an intrusion and since they're not currently looking for what you offer you're wasting time and money showing them your ad.

Sure it's exciting to see high visitor numbers but FFAs, safelists, popunders and guaranteed visitor services won't bring sales. Instead focus your time, energy and money on getting good quality traffic.

- Remember the "three click" rule. At any point a visitor must be able to get to any part of your website with no more than 3 clicks of their mouse. Ideally the most important pages will be even fewer clicks away.

- Use popups properly. No matter how you personally feel about them, test after test has proven that popups work. The key is making a powerful offer that your prospects can't refuse. To avoid having your popups blocked use a "hover ad" or "popover" which can't be detected by popup blockers.

- Understand "marketing syntax" and use it. Marketing syntax refers to the order in which you should present information in a marketing message to get the attention of the most number of readers. Start by stating the problem, issue, challenge or predicament to show you understand what your potential customers are going through.

Next tell them what it COULD be like in a future scenario if this problem were solved. Then tell them what you do that gets them from having the problem to enjoying the future scenario. Lastly, tell them what action to take to learn how to solve the problem.

- Make sure your headlines tell the complete story. A lot of people skim websites to decide if there is any reason for them to read the sales letter. To capture their attention make sure your headlines are bold, easy to read and that they tell a condensed version of the story your sales letter tells. If by the end they've read enough from your headlines to be interested, they'll go back and read the entire letter.

By now you probably realize that there are simple and effective ways for turning your website traffic into a new group of customers. By following the simple steps listed above, you can have a top-performing website in less time than you may think!
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