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Aug 18, 2007
Okay, okay. You realize that selling ebooks is the profitable way to make some good, solid income for the long term as well as providing a profitable service that can garner you some quick cash. How do you go about doing it though? If that is the question, then you have come to the right place.

First, get Open Office Writer from a Google search. Next, use red font throughout the color editor tool and create an attention grabbing headline for the title of your e-book. You should make sure that the words in your title are keywords that are searched for and relevant to your readership, market.

Next, select a large size for your title. If you have a graphic header, add one that is relevant. Many collections of graphic headers can be found by searching on Google. Choose one that is relevant. If you need a custom design there are many graphic design companies on the internet.

You will get quality graphics and even an ebook ebox cover that can add to the value of your ebook for sale and grab the curiosity and attention of your customers in a high quality fashion to generate some interest from your website visitors and income from them as well.

After writing about 20-30 pages on the topic, making sure you use a table of contents and subheadings to give focus to your topics with sub-topics that build within the body of your e-book, you will complete the standard size for the ebook.

Be sure to use links that direct your customers to helpful softwares, resources and even to your salespage for helpful products or products you recommend so that you can get a commission. Always be sure to add a contact email so that they can order from you. Also, including graphics and calls to actions for them to buy increases sales manifold greatly.

When finished with the ebook, before saving, make sure that youhave included the rights to the ebook as to whether it is available to be re-distributed or not with or without your permission or resold for profits. By selling the resell rights you can make a lot of extra money quickly. If you prefer to allow only for personal use without express written permission from the author, then say so. Including this just after the graphic header or title introduction can be a great place to post this.
You may also place this before the footer graphic or after the ebook as well. Now you're ready to publish your ebook.

Go to the white and red piece of paper icon that is labeled PDF in your icon bar. It should be just under format and the sixth icon from the left using Open Office Writer. Clicking on this will allow you to export it as an ebook and you are ready to name it and use it as a downloadable product!

Congratulations, you now can sell ebooks for lots of profit!

Go to forums and include the download link in your signature file, post it on blogs that ask a question about it... Send emails to customers with the ebook as an attachment after contacting them and finding out if they are ready to buy it. The options are unlimited.
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