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Increase In The Processing Of Nitric Acid Into Industrial Chemicals

Aug 19, 2007
Significantly increased interest in nitric acid (NA) demonstrated by large companies of chemical and related sectors over the recent years has spurred market research hypermarkets and agencies to initiate a full-scale research of nitric acid.

Participation of top experts in the execution of this research has become common practice for the brand market research companies. Generally, such fully refereed and highly acclaimed researches have originated due to implementation of statistical, econometrical, sociometrical, IT, and marketing methods, which resulted in obtaining true-to-life data on the volume of nitric acid market and its development trends.

The global demand for industrial chemicals based on salpetre acid grows by an average of 7% per year.

The production of industrial chemicals based on NA, adipic acid, TDI, nitrobenzene is located mainly in Western Europe and USA, with a recent output expansion shift to eastern Asia. The major aqua fortis consuming regions are North America (the USA), Asia (China, India) and Western Europe.

The significant influence on the nitric market in Eastern Europe and CIS is rendered by anti-dumping measures imposed by the European Union and US in relation to ammonium nitrate produced from NA.

Nitric acid consumption in Russia is forecasted to grow in direct proportion to spirit of nitre production growth. Russian annual NA output exceeds 7m metric tons. Salpetre acid is mostly used for nitrogen fertilizer production. The amount of NA sold on the market reaches only 8 percent. Nitric acid consumption structure in Russia implies that more than 60-65% goes for mineral fertilizer production.

Since the ammonium nitrate production for fertilizer purposes has remained stable over the recent year, the increasing share of nitric acid has been used for the manufacture of explosives, ammonium-carbamide nitrate solutions and other chemicals. The main centre for ammonium-carbamide nitrate solution production became the North America represented by the USA and Canada. Nitrogen solutions became the most popular type of nitrogen fertilizer in the USA, though they are inferior, according to quantitative parameter, to anhydrous ammonia applied for the direct introduction the soil. That has spurred US nitric production over the recent years. The USA continues to decrease the share of solid ammonium nitrate used as fertilizers. Apart form the USA, Western European countries are fully engaged in the creation of new facilities and modernization of the existing ones. Modernization and renovation of the nitric acid facilities became a characteristic trend for the Eastern European countries.

In India, the market for concentrated NA has been developing at a quick pace (7% a year). Apart from the use of concentrated salpetre acid by military enterprises, this product is applied in the manufacture of nitro-aromatic compounds, acrylonitrile fibre, pesticides, medicines, pigments. The highest growth of nitric acid consumption occurs in such sectors as pharmaceuticals and pesticides.

The global nitric acid output tops 750-800m tons, only 15-20% of which enters the market and about 8-10% is involved in foreign trade. The remaining nitric acid is consumed by producers of nitric fertilizers, adipic acid, and other chemicals.

Nitric acid is a basic chemical for the manufacture of the majority of nitrogen-containing products: up to 75-80% of nitric acid is used to obtain ammonium nitrate and calcium-ammonium nitrate, carbamide-ammonium nitrates, magnesium-ammonium nitrate, as well as various nitrogenous, phosphoric and potassium fertilizers. NA is used in the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, jewellery, urethanes, rubber chemicals, inorganic and organic nitrates, and nitro compounds for fertilizers, dye intermediates, explosives, and other organic chemicals. It is used in the printing industry for photo-engraving, the engineering industry, metallurgy, etching steel, ore flotation, and reprocessing spent nuclear fuel.
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