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Does Your Internet Connection Earn You Any Money?

Aug 19, 2007
We would all like to earn money from our internet connection. Its not even as if the information to do this is hard to come by. The problem is just the sheer number of schemes and get rich quick plans available. What is good, what is bad, what is a scam, and what really works?

To make money from the internet is really not that difficult. Nor need it be as expensive or time consuming as many full time professional internet marketeers would have you believe. These internet marketing types are very persuasive people. For them to make money selling their information to us, they have to be. Thats how they make a living; a very substantial one.

Now don't misunderstand me. There is nothing wrong with the information these guys are offering you. Follow all their instructions and you have every chance of making some serious money - eventually. It's still a struggle with a massive commitment of time and effort, a long and expensive road to travel, before the first results trickle into your bank account.

Probably, like me, you've attended marketing seminars and possibly the odd marketing conference. You may even have bought sure-fire money making courses along with all the attendant manuals, CD's and DVD collections. Personally I found I didn't have time to wade through the reams of copy and countless videos, not to mention the constant e-mail bombardment with all the other 'must have' associated offers. It becomes a frustrating search for the relevant nuggets of information amongst all the padding and hype.

Often you have not been prepared for how hit and miss internet marketing can be. You find yourself stuck and missing a simple piece of the jigsaw, a little piece of information that is buried amongst the forest of verbiage. This can make all the difference to success or failure when it comes to doing business via the net.

Of course real marketing gurus are the people who've cracked all this. They're the ones making a substantial income on the internet. The question is - How? Having talked to many such people, it seems they all struggled when they first started. Through perseverence they found a system that worked and used it over and over again. As the money came in they diversified, employing other increasingly lucrative systems for making money. Resulting in multiple streams of income.

When one of my favorite 'gurus' explains how we should make money, he says: "You must do exactly as I do" Well I take that to mean that I should forget the huge and expensive courses and do exactly as their marketers do. Glean from the search engines the free information that is available and check out who the top marketing gurus are. These are the ones listed highly on Google and Yahoo. Do what they do, use the services and copywriting styles they use, after all this is how they are making their money!

People earning in this fashion come from all walks of life, many will freely admit to not being highly educated. So can't we do as they do? I think we can.

With the correct mindset, belief, drive and tenacity we too have the potential to become marketing gurus.
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Andreas Anderson is a web designer and Internet SEO specialist, who along with his partner Bob Harvey, have put together a simple site showing people how to make money on the internet for free at at marketinggurus.co.uk
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