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Think You Can't Afford Your Own Vending Business? Think Again!

Aug 19, 2007
A vending machine business is a good way to generate income, whether you want extra money in your spare time or a full-time career. Some people think they will have to make a huge initial investment to start their business, but one advantage of a vending business is that is can be started with a small investment and can grow at your speed.

Gumball machines - the foundation of the vending business

For all the progress over the last few decades, there is still a special place in the heart of the American consumer for the good old-fashioned gumball machine.

Gumball machines are a great place for the budding entrepreneur to start. You can start a business with a single machine with an upfront cost of less than $100. You won't need a truck or a van, since the machines are small enough to fit in your car.

Once you get your first machine, you'll need to find a business that will allow you to place it on their property. By offering the owner a percentage of the profits, you allow their business to make extra money.

Team up with good partners

One key to a successful business is the partnerships you make, and one of the most important partners will be your supplier. You need a dependable business that has high-quality vending machines and a wide variety of refills so you can appeal to as many customers as possible. Gumball Machine Warehouse is the fastest growing manufacturer of vending machines and can provide an important foundation to your vending business.

The other important partners are going to be the business owners who agree to let you place your gumball machines on their property. Your vending business can't survive without them so be sure to show your gratitude. Many business owners will appreciate the service you offer and the extra income your machines provide for them.

Your vending business grows with you

Once your first vending machine is placed, you come around once or twice a month to refill it and collect the cash. As you start to make a profit, invest in more gumball machines and scout locations for them. The more machines you have, the more your income, and the steadier that income will be.

One advantage to gumball machines over other vending machines is that they appeal to the owners of retail businesses. These businesses are usually open evenings and weekends, allowing you to maintain a vending business while working another job. You can bring in steady extra income with just a few hours a week.

At some point you might be ready to break away from the 9-to-5 cubicle game and go to managing your vending machine business full time. You can expand into candy machines, soda machines, and all kinds of specialty vending services. The more experience you get, the more easily you will be able to spot good locations before anyone else can.

A gumball machine might just be the first step on the road to owning your own successful vending business.
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