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Discover 5 Ways To Improve Your Conversion Rate By At Least 10%

Aug 19, 2007
If you're the type of Internet marketer who's focusing on only traffic generation, you're leaving a lot of money on the table. Imagine if for every 100 visitors who came to your site you were able to make 10 sales instead of 2 or 3. Not only would you have increased revenues but your profits would increase as well. Since your cost of driving those customers to your site remains the same - it's more money in the bank for you!

Use these tips to start improving your conversion rate today:

- Write your sales letter to one person. Someone who is considering giving you their money thinks of themself as the most important person in your world. And they are! Treat them as such by writing your sales letter as though you're speaking to that individual reader. If you find this difficult, start by writing your sales message as a letter to your mom. When you're done remove the "Dear Mom" and you should have a letter that is both personal and persuasive. Studies show a greater conversion rate with this style of letter because prospects feel engaged in the copy and read more of it. The more they read, the more likely they'll be to buy.

- Let them try before they buy. Give visitors access to free samples, limited time trials or even no risk "pay me when you are satisfied" periods. Obviously this doesn't work for every product but it can dramatically improve conversion rates if you're offering something that customers really have to use to understand. They know that once customers understand all of the features the system includes and realize how much time it can save them, they'll most likely subscribe.

- Make it easy for customers to find answers to the questions that are stopping them from buying. The most common questions are about prices, availability, shipping policies and guarantees. A good strategy is to both weave the answers to these questions on the appropriate pages of your site, as well as include them all on one FAQ page. Don't make potential customers hunt for this important information!

- Include a powerful P.S. at the end of your sales letter. Long an important element of direct mail sales letters, the P.S. is still alive and well online. Studies show that people often scroll immediately to the bottom of a sales letter to see who wrote it. Since your P.S. comes right after your signature, it's a great place to put important information that you don't want prospective customers to miss. Use it to repeat your biggest benefit or USP statement, reiterate your guarantee or restate your powerful offer.

- Give your affiliates and Joint Venture partners great tools to pre-sell customers. This can include articles, pre-written sales letters, free ebooks, free demo versions, and any other materials that will both educate prospects and inspire them to visit the site to learn more. The key is to encourage affiliates and partners to get potential customers excited before sending them to the site. On the flip side, make sure your affiliates aren't hurting your site's image by being unprofessional in their communications with prospects.

Often the simplest changes can have the biggest impact on your conversion rate. Get started today and you'll be surprised how quickly your profits begin to grow.
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