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7 Key Things You Can Do To Increase Your Site's Conversion Rate

Aug 19, 2007
The simplest things you can do to your site can make a huge impact on your sales. Here are the 7 key things Internet marketers do to increase their site's conversion rate.

- Ask for website reviews every time you make major changes to your site. There are several forums where you can ask the members for website reviews. It's a great way to have obvious

mistakes pointed out by other webmasters who have had the similar problems in the past.

- Write your own sales letter and have it edited by an expert. No one knows your customers better than you, so why hire a stranger to write a persuasive letter to these people that you know so well?

Unless you can afford $5,000+ for one of the top Internet copywriters, you're better to take the time to write the sales letter yourself. Once completed you can have it professionally edited for less than $500. This approach will not only save you money, it will also produce a more genuine and effective sales letter because it's your words and not someone else's.

- Hold a sale. People don't like missing out on a good deal so encourage them to buy with a time-limited sale. For example you could offer "50% off this week only", "buy one get one free for the next 100 customers" or "buy this month and get an extra bonus". As with scarcity though you have to stop the sale at the specified time or you risk losing credibility.

- Make it a goal to create a "sales system" that works. Your ultimate goal should be to create a system that you know (with complete certainty) will make a sale to a certain percentage of people you put into it. This system should be mapped out from start to finish - that is, from the time a prospect first arrives at your site until they are a lifelong customer.

Get started creating your system by planning out the steps you'd like customers take (or if you already have customers ask them what steps they took). Once your website, marketing materials and advertising plan are set up to work with your system, track every step and make improvements as necessary to make it as efficient and profitable as possible.

- Include an offer (or a link to read more about your offer) "above the fold." Above the fold means the area of the screen that is visible before you scroll down. By including an offer or link in this part of the site you will be more likely to get the attention of your visitors and have them take the action you want.

- Offer packages. People love packages. A great example is the Meal Deals McDonald's sells that include a sandwich, fries and a drink. Rather than having customers buy each item separately (and most likely not buying all of them) customers are encouraged to buy all three and get a discount. In the end McDonald's makes more money. Use the same idea in your business by creating packages that include several of your items, or a product and service combination. Be creative!

- Sign up with third party reliability and privacy associations and display their seals on your site. This is an excellent way to show potential customers that you're a legitimate business that cares about its customers. You also have the potential of getting some advertising by being included in the member's directories that these organizations maintain.

Once these 7 key things are implemented on your site, watch out for the rise of conversion numbers on your site!
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