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5 Network Marketing Traps And How To Blast Past Them

Aug 19, 2007
Network Marketing is an incredible opportunity for the average Joe or Josephine. Most people will not become rock stars or movie stars, so living a movie star lifestyle sounds like just a dream. However, Network Marketing provides an opportunity for anyone with a strong desire and an excellent work ethic to achieve a lifestyle comparable to that of a rock star without the paparazzi. But, in such a brilliant industry, the failure rate is extremely high. If you want to succeed in in this industry, there are many changes you'll have to make.

The job mentality can be a serious handicap for a budding Network Marketer. Most people in a job know that when they work x number of hours, they get paid x amount of dollars. Yet, when they start a business they expect to get paid with very little or no effort. To get paid in this type of industry, you need to go to work marketing the products or services your company offers. You also need to attract the right people to go into business with you.

Many Network Marketers ignore the marketing part of their business and continue to use methods that are out dated and don't work for them. This is really sad because marketing is commonly used by all successful businesses. As a novice, you should begin your marketing education. Learn the right strategies you can use to grow your business. Then apply them.

Because most newcomers depend on their Network Marketing sponsors for direction, it creates and enormous amount of dependency. Newcomers tend to expect a lot to be done for them by their upline and so get disappointed when they realize ther's no magic pill. To overcome this, the newbie has to become more responsible for their business. By being pro-active and taking the role of a CEO in your business, you create your own path for success. Look for alternative ways to grow your business. It's your business, treat it as such.

Lack of leadership skills can lead a new Network Marketer down the hard road of failure. Similar to a job, they want to be told what to do at all times and be pushed to get their business growing. However, this is a business and no one can want your success more than you do. So, look for the leader within you and start acting it out. Set your plan and work it daily. Become the leader you're looking for and your business will grow.

The easy and get rich quick mentality can stop Network Marketing growth dead in its tracks. Yes, a lot of people think that by filling out an application form, they're entitled to a million dollars next day. It's not going to happen in your business, so be prepared to give it some time. Set short and long term goals and work diligently towards them. This is one of the main keys to success in any business venture.

Yes! When you achieve success in Network Marketing, you begin to live the lifestyle of your wildest dreams. You gain friendships that last a life time with like minded people and enjoy the freedom to do the things you like. But that journey is one of transformation. The thing that gets you there is your desire to do what it takes to achieve what you want. Everything else, you can learn. Now that you know what the 5 traps are, you can blast past them.
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