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Secrets To Making Your Online Hostesses Happy

Aug 19, 2007
As anyone involved in direct sales can tell you, the secret to having a great party is to have a happy hostess that is super motivated to get people to her party and encourage them to buy products while they are there. This rings true whether you are holding a party at the hostess's home or taking advantage of holding the party online. If you are holding the party online for your hostess here are some tips for keeping her happy and excited about her party.

Get her Excited
The first thing you should do is get your hostess excited about all the free and discounted products that she can receive by having a fantastic party. Help her become enthusiastic by showing her all the great items that she will get. She will be thrilled to do what she can to have a great party. Get her so enthusiastic that it is communicated to all the people she will invite. The added bonus is getting her friends excited about having their own party as well.

Extra Incentives
Offer your online hostess an extra incentive. Is there a particular piece of jewelry that she is just in love with? Perhaps a set of candles or maybe a bath and body set has caught her eye? Set a goal for her to have a certain amount of guests invited to the online party by a set date. Or you could challenge her to have a set dollar amount of sales made before her party. Offer the hostess the item that she wants if, and when, she meets your challenge. Give her an added incentive to perform.

Train your Hostess
Make sure she knows all the ways to ensure her guests attend her party. (Reminding them before the event, personally touching base with them, advertising, etc.) A printout or checklist can really help you here.

Games and Fun
Plan some super simple games and giveaways during your hostess's online party. People love to have a chance to win something for free and if they need to make a purchase to enter a drawing all the better for your hostess. Everyone will have fun playing the games that you have set up and your hostess will have a blast racking up sales to put toward getting free items.

The Internet is a fantastic resource for finding more ideas that will make for a wonderfully fun party for your hostess and will create a profitable party for yourself.
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