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Boing Boing Continues to Strive!

Aug 20, 2007
Boing Boing is a directory of wonderful things. Well, that is what they think it this. The first time I came to this web site was because I found it at the top 100 blogs on the Technorati web site. It was a very simple blog with a white background and a not so great set up. Although that is the truth, that is not what makes a blog great.

This blog is most mostly about pop culture and it is just that. Many blogs have tried just what they're doing and have failed over and over. Not sticking with one topic makes it hard for any web site to even find a top spot on Google, MSN, and Yahoo search engines. Even though I'm in that same category I will never be in such a good position as boing boing is. They dominated this category early and will probably only continue to succeed.

They find some of the most interesting topics to post even if they do not comment on it themselves. Most of the time you see that they only take part of the article out and post it, while adding a link. The people have came to like this because they are stories that most the time you would not hear about so just being able to go to a blog and find all this is great for everyone.

For example, the Kepler $100k wristwatch is something you probably wouldn't come across anywhere else, besides Boing Boing. The watch rotates the earth as it would be seen above the North Pole which is actually pretty cool if you really think about it. So for me and all other people, it is a privilege to be able to go to the web site for free and get all this interesting news or stories that you probably wouldn't find anywhere else.

Here are some statistics for you about the Boing Boing blog. They are ranked 2,405 on the Alexa web site. Trust me, a blog that high up on the traffic rank is good for a blog. Boing Boing is also number two on the Technorati web site. It has authority of 25,471.

I say this probably with all you other blog readers, it has truly been a privilege and a great thing to b a part of the Boing Boing community. If you want a directory of wonderful things, which it is truly wonderful, then you should become a part of this community also.
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