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How To Avoid Internet And Network Marketing Business Failure

Aug 20, 2007
Getting started in Internet and network marketing is easy. Find an opportunity you like and there won't be a shortage of willing distributors ready to sign you up.

However, what happens when you sign up? Given the statistics surrounding internet and network marketing business failure most expect instant success. Guess what? It doesn't happen in the majority of instances.

Up to 90% of people will bail out of an opportunity within the first three months and most of the time, other than the opportunity being a dud, this happens because of a short term mindset and get rich quick mentality.

Okay, this is nothing new and you've heard it all before. So what does it continue to happen on a regular basis? People will keep hearing this as a reason for MLM failure but amazingly many will do it over and over again. Might be time to start shifting the focus to a long term mindset.

Avoiding MLM Failure

Succeeding in network marketing needs a long term mindset. Two of the key ingredients of avoiding MLM failure are:

- finding a company in a strong growth phase with a consumable product people will use over and over again and

- building a strong foundation in your business so it won't collapse around you when you reach a stage when leverage takes effect.

Remember this, unless you have a large team of people who follow you from one opportunity to another, you're going to have to do some work in the first 12-18 months of your business to get it to a reliable income producing phase.

Much of the work you do in the first few months will more than likely produce very little in the way of results but if you have been faithful to your business plan and work the business on a daily basis with smart marketing techniques and prospecting efforts then you will go a long way to avoiding internet and network marketing business failure.

The leverage we all crave and are sold on in network marketing is set up from the start; it just doesn't happen magically. From prospecting to attending regular meetings to being consistent in your business, the leverage happens when you recruit people and teach them a simple marketing plan which is duplicable.

All your prospecting efforts will eventually lead to a stream of passive prospects. Maybe they weren't interested at your initial contact but several months down the track things could change. But only if you have been consistent in your business.
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