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Earn Great Profit Through Partnerships

Aug 20, 2007
When small businesses compete with large businesses, it is inevitable that they will encounter a lot of difficulties because they do not have the necessary capitalization and other resources that these larger companies have. In addition, in most cases, these smaller companies cannot take a lot of risks because they need to have an assurance that the investments they made will pay off even during the short term so that they can still exist in the future.

So what can a small company do then to be able to compete with their large counterparts? Well, it has been discovered that partnerships with other small companies will enable them to become more profitable and even enable them to take advantages of more capitalization. This is because the income statement of a single small business entity may not look attractive at all for some financial institutions for these businesses to take a loan. But when the finances of several small businesses are combined together, these financial institutions will take a second look at the said endeavor.

You should also note that these kinds of partnerships will spread the risks of entering a new market so that these small companies can be more innovative and creative in their approaches in attracting potential customers. In addition, these partners can provide the necessary distribution channel for your product and services to be made available to a larger number of customers while minimizing distribution expenses at the same time.

There are some people who say that partnering with the bigger businesses is better though. But while these kind of partnerships certainly have its advantages, you should note that in most cases you need the help of the bigger companies more than they need your help. Because of this, you will notice that most of these partnerships end up with the smaller company compromising some factors just to let the deal push through.

This scenario is certainly unlike the case when you partner will businesses that has the same size as yours because here, the grounds of negotiation are equal so the negotiating processes will be less painful while providing benefits for both parties as well.But take note that you should also choose your partners very well because a nice partner could turn into a fierce competitor in a single day.

So while this collaboration may sound extremely attractive to some, it is definitely important to do your research and even let your partners sign a contract so that you can be sure that your business practices and processes are protected. There are certainly many things you should consider before going into these types of partnerships but a lot of businessmen do this nowadays to improve company performance and profitability.
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