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How To Attract Customers With Selling Products For Your Home Based Business Opportunities

Aug 21, 2007
How many times have you attempted to make a sale, but for some reason or another fear had gotten into the way and you couldn't tell them the truth of your feelings or what they needed to hear. This kills salesman time and time again that they want to please the customer so bad that they are not willing to state a counter point to their thoughts.

The customer is always right, but you have to be subtle to let them know when they could be even more correct then what they currently are. You will come to understand that with starting a business that the lines are blurred between right and wrong and often an open mind is needed by the business owner and the customer.

If you can let them know that there are other potential ways including purchasing from you without pushing it down their throat then you will be able to make progress with any person.

Often the best way to persuade a customer is simply to ask them objective questions. Ask them where they are currently without your product and if they lack any productivity in their life because they don't have it. Then be willing to ask them to imagine what their lives would be like with a product like yours.

Always establish a need for the product whether it is yours or the same product or service from another competitor. This will help them to see value in what you have to offer. This will inspire them to look past price, which is often not the issue, to how financially and personally your offer will help them down the road.

Next you have to create your unique selling point. If you can show the positive points you have to offer with your product and inspire them to buy from you then it will connect to them that this is the way to success. You might not have the best product or the cheapest, but you will have qualities that can outweigh those competitors and makes your product so appealing.

Always look for the power of your product in their lives and how specifically it will help them. Do tell them what the product will do, but instead what it will specifically do for their goals and dreams. This will change everything for them and you will be amazed at how appreciative they are of you and what you have to offer them.
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