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How to Make a Web Template

Aug 21, 2007
A readymade pair of jeans from a reputed house of fashion gives us the freedom of buy and wear without circling around the tailor's shop. A mouth melting pizza from a reputed pizza shop gives us the liberty of buying and eating without getting into details of the ingredients of pizza. Same follows for Web templates, they give us the freedom of downloading and using with a little editing.

But sometimes the unsatisfied soul of man is not very happy with the results. He wants better results with his websites which is not possible with simple downloading and using concept. Self created web templates are the best alternative in that case. The questions is obvious "How to make a Web Template"?

Question seems tough in the first instant but the answer is really straightforward. There are two ways to tackle this "how to make a web template?" dilemma. The first method is a very undemanding advance towards Web Template creation. There are web template creation softwares available in abundance on the internet. All you need to do is, download them, install them and without any great knowledge about how to make a web template, create stunningly beautiful and professional looking web templates.

For example, the Portal Controller software come power packed with unique functionalities. Web template software enables users to build a template-driven web site from scratch or edit their existing site using only a Webpage editing software. Web Template Software also enables users in complete, fully-integrated web site building and editing solution, without any of the typical customer service requirements associated with web design and web publishing. So with programs like Portal Controller, the question of "How to make a Web Template" is never asked.

The second method though a little tough gives you more space for your creative as well as technical skills. If you are proficient with Image editing and creating application software like Adobe Photoshop, an animation software like Macromedia Flash MX , a basic knowledge of HTML coding then you can again very well answer the "How to make a Web Template" question.

Adopt either of the two techniques, and you'll discover your "hidden" new skills. And yes the world will not be enough indeed when you know "How to make a Web Template"?

Knowing the secrets of how many professional webmasters create their website templates, will enable and normal person to do the same quickly and easily. There is no special skill needed simply because it's all done with the aid of powerful software.
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Portal Controller is a clever piece of software which will create stunning web templates in a snap. It can also take any template you feed it and it will give you a manipulated one back. To find out more about this fantastic new Web Template Software , take a look at PortalController.com
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