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Using Article Marketing to Boost your PageRank

Aug 21, 2007
Article marketing has always been the most effective way to promote your online business and increase your pagerank. It is the least expensive way to promote and will always be worth every cent. This method to ensure success will continue for many years in the future.

Articles are a vital part of any online marketing plan. Once the article is written and published, it travels to many article banks which provide back links to your site. From there, owners of other websites copy the article, making sure that the author's information is intact. They then publish it in their newsletters, ezines or even on their websites. Take pride in writing your articles and you will find them to be more productive for you and your business.

Since your article has your resource box containing a link to your site, it will generate a great deal of exposure and traffic to your website. The good thing about article marketing is that the viral nature of generating back links constantly improves your popularity and pagerank. The article acts like a virus, attaching your information to every site where it is used. The better the quality of your article the more it will be used by others to create the backlinks and increased pagerank that you need.

Article marketing accomplishes other things as well, which may be a bit more important in ecommerce today. First of all, writing and distributing articles establishes you as an expert in the field, or topic in question. Secondly, they can serve as building blocks of trust amongst the readers of your articles.

Most successful Internet companies usually distribute at least one article per week to a number of different article banks. Some businesses will distribute the same article that they used in their newsletter, but only after the letters have gone out to subscribers.

Some business owners hire ghostwriters to write the articles for their article marketing and for their website content. This practice provides them with more time for other business activities. Ghostwriters have to capture the style and personality of the owner in their writing. This can be challenging at times, but usually pays off pretty well if combined with excellent article marketing.

A successful business will only use and publish well written articles that are informative. Some writers err in trying to write articles as sales letters. This greatly reduces the value to other publishers and article users, and the benefit of viral article marketing is lost.

In summary, articles are intended to be informative letters sent out to get readers to visit the article marketer's website and to increase pagerank. They should also provide helpful information as well as include a link to the website in the resource box.
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