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Secure High Pagerank Back Links with a Bidding Directory

Aug 21, 2007
A link bidding directory provides a unique way in securing high PR links to your site. It places you in a position to determine the page rank you require of your backlinks. As all internet marketers know, the quality and page rank of your back links have a large influence on your own pagerank.

The Search Engines constantly seek for high quality websites and one of the criteria used is site popularity. Good links provide this information. After all if lots of people consider a site worthwhile, they will provide a link for their customers to that site. It is a matter of providing the best solutions to your clients. Higher page ranking sites enjoy higher placing in search engine searches and provide more traffic.

A bidding directory lists links in order of the highest amount bid for that listing. The link leader, i.e. the listing with the highest bid appears on all pages of the directory. This provides many links back to the listed site.

The top links are listed on the home page of the bidding directory, and also occupy the top spots in their particular category. The top links thus get a link with the pagerank of the bidding directory! On most other directories, even if you purchased a featured listing, you have no control over the placement of your listing, and you could be placed on a page with a very low pagerank.

Purchasing a listing in a bidding directory is cheap compared to other paid directories. You can always add to your bid at any time thus controlling your position on that directory. For this reason it might be worthwhile to list on lower ranking bidding directories to start with. A top position won't cost you much, and as the pagerank and popularity of the bidding directory increases you can add to your bid a little at a time to remain at the top.

The internet provides for fierce competition. It is thus not surprising that a bidding directory can also provide a lot of competition. This can be viewed in two ways. Firstly a healthy environment in which to judge your competition and see who your real competitors are. Secondly that it might become expensive to keep the number one position. If you consider that the top 10 links normally appear on the homepage of the bidding directory, this provides you with some leeway in determining how far up the ladder you are willing to go.

A listing may not be in the top 10, but could still be a category leader providing a good page rank anyway. This allows an opportunity to bid for the top positions in a specific category, without too much concern about the overall top positions of the bidding directory. This is very useful if you operate in a specific niche and want to be associated with the niche leaders.

Considering the way in which the bidding directories are structured, they are a good alternative to natural links. Especially for sites starting out where good natural links take time to develop. Then the developing of natural links is also not guaranteed even with more mature sites. In short a listing with a bidding directory could provide a good pagerank and valuable referral traffic to your site.
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