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Advanced Networking Strategies - Create Your Own MasterMind Group

Aug 21, 2007
Some Internet marketing pros reach a level of success that satisfies their desires, without joining other marketers as a member of a team. These people find what they want through their own efforts and modest income goals. The real heavy hitters reach a level of success that exceeds their wildest dreams (when they first began) because they multiply their mind power through close association with other successful people.

This association is beyond partnership or Joint Venture relationships. It is a harmonious meeting of minds based upon a willingness to share ideas. There's no selfish motive here, beyond enlightened self-interest. Master Mind groups are not "zero-sum" alliances, where each member values his/her association in dollars and cents. Such groups take advantage of the fact that sometimes, the whole is more than the mere sum of the parts.

While it is true that each member must receive a benefit from belonging to such an alliance, the focus of each member is in participation, not immediate rewards. This may sound vague and impractical, but it represents the key to successful participation in such a group. Like many things in life, the only way to understand how this works is to do it. You cannot imagine, in advance, how a new food will taste if you have no experience with it beforehand.

You don't always need to connect with those who are in your particular specialty to develop a good Master Mind group. The perspective and experience of someone who comes from another line of work can often lead to surprising insights and new directions for your thinking. You're more likely to suffer from a lack of new ideas if all your input is from the same type of thinkers, working in the same field. Get some cross-fertilization of ideas from outside your line of work.

The question of leadership is a tricky one with a Master Mind group. Ideally, everyone should be a leader within his or her own area. Within the group itself, the leader may best exert influence over the group as a moderator or nominal chairperson. For the person who starts such an alliance, it may be desirable to rotate the position of leadership, unless or until one person becomes an obvious, unanimous choice.

Harmony and accord are the foundation of a successful Master Mind group. Negative influences and discord have no place in such an endeavor. Nothing will destroy the effectiveness of such an alliance faster than discordant behavior and thinking. Selfish drives and unjust pursuits will not lead to any kind of permanent success. A negative attitude will repel success, and the people needed to build a successful foundation.

Members may disagree as to how things should be done, but the nature of the disagreement should be based on courtesy and patience. It's one thing to disagree about something; quite another to be disagreeable about it, making the conflict personal. Never resort to personal attacks or emotional arguments when disagreeing with a fellow member.

A Master Mind group should meet privately, on a regular basis. Protecting the proceedings from prying eyes helps to concentrate the free flow of ideas and suggestions. Knowing that what you may say will be held confidential will allow you to speak from your heart, knowing that you won't be misconstrued.

Regular, scheduled meetings will develop a bond that will enhance the connection between members. Any regular, repeated action will develop a habit surrounding its performance. The force of habit, applied to creative thinking and action, will produce results far beyond that of occasional, unplanned "brainstorming sessions." Use this power to enhance the effectiveness of your Master Mind pursuit.
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