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Video Blogging Start-Up Tips

Aug 21, 2007
Blogging is one of the hottest Internet marketing innovations ever created. The ways that people are streaming video using this new communication medium are astonishing. But for the most part, everybody is basically sticking to basic text blogging. However, just like the multimedia wave that has begun to reshape website content and design with web 2.0 and social media sites such as squidoo, myspace and youtube. Video blogging is the next generation medium for posting ideas and products over the Internet. And thanks to the popularity of sites like YouTube and GoogleVideo, this field of using streaming video for blogging is poised for a massive take-off.

While video blogging will require additional kinds of resources, it is definitely worth the effort as part of your internet marketing endeavors to have video on a webpage with the use of streaming video. Here are some things you need to consider. First of all video blogging requires larger website disk space. Next, you will also need to use a faster server. Lastly, this technology is supported by a completely different collection of programs.

Video blogging is an ideal communication platform for both personal and commercial expression which promotes that one add video to a website. From a business prospective, it offers a number of benefits. Consider this as a highly effective means to display the complete line of your products or services to prospective customers. In many ways it's similar to running a commercial for free.

It's a proven fact that people want to see what they are going to buy. And all of us have experienced the persuasiveness of a thirty second commercial. Video blogging offers a similar experience. You use streaming video to display content about your product and visitors watch it. If they like what they've been shown then they'll buy it. And if your presentation is powerful enough, they'll buy the product sometimes if they don't need it.

If your internet marketing business is in its early stages, you can create and use video blogging right in your own home. All you need is your web camera, a microphone, video software, and good lighting. Once you learn how to use your web camera, then you're well on your way toward creating a videoblog as you add video to a website.

You should make the effort to invest in a good web camera. A key consideration is its resolution. The higher the resolution, the better the output. Plan out your video presentation so that you can create the best one possible. Be creative; it could be a short story, or an overview of your products and services. Regardless of how you choose to present what you're selling, be sure to capture the best profile for each item.

You should also try not to skimp on the lighting. This is a very important aspect of video production and having video on a webpage. Be sure to illuminate the entire setting that will be included in your videoblog. The brighter the area, the crisper the images become. Another suggestion is to include lighting effects for added appeal to the presentation.

A good microphone will also be necessary for your video blogging efforts. If you would like to include sound in your videoblog. When incorporating audio, it's a good idea to record a voice over for the item(s) you wish to promote. The quality of the audio is just as important as the video on a videoblog. You might also want to include sound effects or a music bed in your audio production.

You shouldn't forget to pay good attention to the use of good video editing software. This is necessary to finalize your work. For instance, you can add sounds, remove bad angles, or insert some still photos. Some video software programs are extremely user-friendly and can be used even if you know nothing about video editing. Others may require a working knowledge of the subject. Select the software that will help you accomplish what you want to achieve.

Like any other technology, Video blogging does have a few drawbacks. For one, it may slow down the computer, so it's possible that some people will avoid it. Another concern for users is that the download time may be quite lengthy, especially in the case for the few that are not using broadband. And of course, there is the cost associated with greater bandwidth.

Although these are valid concerns, they shouldn't keep you from doing Video blogging. Consider it as an alternative method for your internet marketing. If you choose to use it, remember it is best to incorporate both text and pictures in your streaming video presentation in order to accommodate anyone who visits your site.
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