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Dangerous Traffic - Google Adwords

Aug 21, 2007
The topic of traffic generation constantly comes up whenever I teach how to get started with Affiliate Marketing.

One method that is common for beginners to use is Google Adwords. However, it is not always the best idea.

And here is why...

First off, it is expensive...

If you aren't careful, you will easily drop hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars on one campaign and get little or no results.

This isn't the fault of Google - it just means that one of many components of your campaign aren't converting as well as they should be.

For example, you have to worry about:

-the keywords you bid on
-how much you pay per click
-your ad headline
-your ad copy
-your landing page
-your offer
-your back-end follow-up

Think about it - you may have the right keywords and a great ad, but if your offer (i.e. the product you are promoting) is a loser, then you won't make any money (or at least not enough to cover your ad costs).

Or the offer could be great, but you are paying too much per click, so you lose money.

Or your ad doesn't convert well, so Google's algorithms give you a lower position for the same price and decrease your potential earnings until your ad doesn't hardly display at all.

Are you starting to see that it can be a little complex? Well, it doesn't have to be, and I want to show you why.

But first, there is one other reason that Google Adwords just might not be the best place to start for beginners - it requires patience!

That's right, patience.

It's something that you must have as a business owner, but most beginners don't. You want to see profits fast, not profits in a month or so.

And yet, the idea of Google Adwords promises quick results. You can have an ad up within a few minutes, and within 30 minutes afterwards it can be displaying on Google and getting you traffic.

However, this is the very problem of Google. Since it is so "quick" most people don't try to do it effectively, relying on 2000 keywords and a poorly written ad to drive the traffic.

Here is a typical process of a beginner using Google (and sometimes experts as well):

1. Go to Google.
2. Create ad.
3. Insert 2000 keywords that are related, somewhat related, and not related to your ad (using software and not even looking at the keywords).
4. Run ad.
5. Hope and pray.

Does that sound like a recipe for success? Or perhaps a recipe for disaster. Would you like to know the process I use to get the lowest CPC (cost per click) and the highest click-through rates?

It's quite simple actually, and it works each time.

Here it is:

1. Create my ad.
2. Use 5-10 keyword phrases that are very targeted and highly-searched for.
3. Add 20-50 negative keywords that describe what I am NOT looking for.
4. Watch the traffic come in.

The key part is point 3. This series of steps has allowed me to build a lot of traffic through Google Adwords.
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