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Increase Traffic Using Local Internet Marketing Keywords

Aug 21, 2007
Getting search engine traffic is vital for most internet companies. Getting ranked for high traffic keywords can be difficult and extremely time consuming. Many of your competitors will have teams of individuals working on their rankings, and beating them on a small budget can take unique ideas that border genius.

Since getting ranked highly for top keywords can be extremely difficult at times, you should consider altering your approach somewhat. Achieving top rankings for multiple, easier keywords can often result in just as much traffic with a lot less effort.

One area of internet marketing that is still quite untapped is the local search market. Many people who search online for products and services type the name of their city and/or state along with the search. For example, a person in Utah might search for 'Utah Real Estate' instead of 'real estate'. Another person might search for 'California internet marketing' instead of 'internet marketing'. Targeting the location specific versions of keywords will often result in more favorable locations in the search engines, which will of course lead to more traffic.

Many savvy webmasters have started targeting these types of keywords by the hundreds. Since the competition for these keywords is still relatively small, top rankings can often be achieved with minimal effort.

One huge advantage of going after 'California internet marketing' or any other location specific keyword is that it will help you to get ranked eventually for the more competitive version of the keyword. Getting ranked for 'internet marketing' will happen eventually if 'California internet marketing' is targeted effectively. This gives the online business both short-term and long-term growth potential.

The most effective way to target a truly competitive keyword is to target many easy variations of the keyword. This method is actually much safer than targeting only one major keyword. A search engine can easily identify and flag a site that only targets one keyword. An easy way to make your link building campaign extremely ineffective is to build all of your links with the same anchor text. It's very easy for a search engine to tell that you are building the links if that is the case.

An effective link builder will use many different keywords for anchor text. A link made with the anchor text 'internet marketing tips' will help the destination site to get ranked for 'internet marketing'. A link made with the anchor text 'Washington SEO' will help the destination site to get ranked for 'SEO'.

Using this method can help you to get ranked more quickly in the search engines, and will also be a safer way to get ranked for competitive keywords in the long run. Follow the advice here, and one day you may be ranked first for a major keyword.
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