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Tips For Putting Together A Corporate Gift Basket

Aug 22, 2007
It isn't easy to put together a corporate gift basket that everyone will appreciate. If you have been appointed with this task, then you will have to analyze very carefully the options of what you can put in the corporate gift basket. You will have to adapt to many different factors. You'll have to get a feel from the gift recipients about what they would like to receive. You can choose to put it together yourself, or buy pre-made gift baskets from a company. Read on to find out how to tackle these many options.

The usual ingredients of a corporate gift basket can vary depending on the time of year, the company, and the employees. One fun thing to do in any special time of year is to give out baskets with wine and various other foods. Usually these will include 1 or 2 bottles of fairly high quality wine, along with some foods that are famous for going well with wine. This could include cheese and crackers, nuts, cookies, chips, and fruits that are in season. Of course, all of these things also go well with pretty much any fruit basket. Some consist entirely of gourmet foods. Chocolates, truffles, jelly beans, caramels, chocolate covered fruits, and many other items can be added in to appeal to sweet teeth.

The one thing that is almost universally appreciated by employees is also something that isn't very fancy, and that is gift cards. If you give your employees gift cards to treat themselves to a nice dinner, they will likely be more appreciative than if you'd given them fancy coffee, candy, or any other item usually included in gift baskets. So, first you should consider this option: buy gift certificates for everyone, put them in nice, customized greeting cards, and hand them out to everyone. The only reason why this option would be inferior is because you have some sort of great idea for items to put in a real gift basket.

Finally, you'll have to decide whether to make the gift baskets yourself, or hire a company that sells them pre-assembled. Oftentimes you can buy the individual items for cheaper than buying them all together. However, if you need to cram thousands of items into hundreds of baskets, it can be hard to do it quickly and keep a decorative feel to it. So, decide whether it's worth paying the extra money to skip the tedious process of filling them up.
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