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Gift Baskets For Gifts In The Workplace

Aug 22, 2007
Corporate gift baskets are the perfect way to welcome a new client, celebrate an important business deal, show appreciation for a client's or employee's loyalty or convey your congratulations on a promotion. Treating your customers as well as your employees to corporate gift baskets of discriminating taste and exceptional quality will make a lasting impression and earn you their appreciation and continued support long after the basket is empty.

Gift baskets are increasingly becoming the corporate gift of choice primarily because they can be customized to suit any taste while still fitting within your budget. Most of all, they are appropriate for gifting to male as well as female business associates and employees without triggering off any misunderstandings or unintended messages.

While most corporate gift baskets are generic to accommodate so many diverse tastes, they can also be customized to include items that are of special interest to the recipient. If your gift basket is going out to someone who is known to have a passion for golf you could include a membership to a golf club or maybe a coffee table book on golf. It shows you care and have gone that extra mile to show your appreciation.

A corporate gift basket that is being addressed to an entire department should be carefully designed to include something for everyone. A basket of exotic fresh fruits or a basket filled with a selection of cookies and chocolates is sure to be appreciated and relished by one and all.

Adhering to a few important rules will ensure that your corporate gift basket will be cherished by any recipient. Put some thought into the selection of items and your gift basket will never miss the mark. If the recipient is a business associate that you do not know very well and if you cannot uncover vital information on the person's pet peeves or preferences, be careful what you include in the gift basket. Stick to safe choices such as fruits, chocolates or cookies that do not violate any cultural or religious restrictions. Though a wine gift basket spells class and sophistication, it could possibly offend someone who is a recovering alcoholic or whose religion forbids it.

Include only the best in your corporate gift basket. After all it is a reflection of your taste and an acknowledgment of the recipient's worth. Far better to gift a small basket filled with few well-chosen and meaningful gifts rather than a large garish gift basket.
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