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Aug 22, 2007
Online video is here; it's hot, and it works! We are talking about Digital multimedia in the form of streaming video of course! If you've been involved in the internet marketing industry for very long, you've already seen the introduction of numerous products incorporating digital multimedia such as podcasting and of course video on a webpage. One of the first and best known is John Reese's Traffic Secrets, which was one of the first products to use video on a webpage in the form of testimonials.

Okay, we know that digital multimedia (online video) is hot in particular having video on a webpage as part of your internet marketing strategy will help to catapult your business to higher heights. Online video has helped others to promote their site, product or service. But you want to know how can it help you with your site, right? To quote a famous poet, "let me count the ways." as you want to be one of the few riding the crest of the waves at this point in the evolution of the internet which includes using streaming video.

One of the easiest, and most popular, ways to use online multimedia to promote your site or product is GoogleVideo. Here's the plan: put video on a webpage that features a unique aspect of your product or service, or that shows your product being used in a unique way, include a link to your websites's sales page or a sign-up page for more information, and then upload it (for FREE!) on GoogleVideo as we know that online video is hot right now.

Let consider sales pages and sign-up pages (as part of your internet marketing) for a while before we continue, if it worked for John Reese, it could and should probably work for you too! Create a video (or series of screenshots) showing a sample of your product or service. Put it on your sales page or "name squeeze" (sign-up) page. Include a purchase link or trial offer, respectively. As we as humans mainly communicate in the Visual, Audio and Kinesthetic aspects of our senses this leads to the reason behind why online video is doing so well right now in terms of capturing visitors attention as part of any individual's or company's strategy.

Let's consider another thing which comes up when operating in this type of business and that is; who says you need to have your own products? That is to say, what competitive advantage will having your own products give you - or what impact will this have on your revenue generation results. Take these same suggestions and apply them to products that you are an affiliate for. With that in mind you can use digital multimedia in the form of online video to create your own reports or bonus tutorials as a purchase incentive for your current or prospective customers as the streaming video helps to capture their attention.

Maybe you have seen these (online video) on the websites of some of the top players in your business, well why not beat them at their own game? Of course, I'm referring to those virtual tours which of course use streaming video. Only instead of showing off your office, create one that guides your visitors through an overview of your product, service or membership site. Doing this will mean that your website visitor will be operating in the visual and audio aspect of their communication senses. When you sue streaming video you will be setting yourself apart from the competition and engaging with your customer.

Have you ever wanted to be a reporter or a news personality? Now you can, thanks to digital multimedia, streaming video or podcasting. What is the big news story that you wish to communicate to the world using online video? This could well be your own personal review of a product or service. This could be for your own product or one that you're an affiliate for. Who knows? If it's for an affiliate product and you do a good job, the product owner (or a Super Affiliate) might want to buy it from you!

To recap, we have presented some easy ways to promote using online video in your internet marketing strategies using online video and digital multimedia. I encourage you to use some creativity and then come up with more ideas on how to use online video to promote your company, product or service.
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Stephen C Campbell (MBA, MSc, MCIM) is a business consultant who has conducted business throughout Europe, Far East & U.S. He specialises in helping businesses use the new technologies as a part of their business strategies.
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