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Corporate Gifts - Ideas and How To's

Aug 22, 2007
Whether it's for the boss, an important client, your employees, or a coworker, the corporate gift can be elemental, yet difficult to put together. Here are some great ideas and how-to's for the etiquette of corporate gift-giving;

Gifts For Clients: Sending a gift to your client, whether as a thank-you for a great contract or as a holiday gesture, is great for keeping your company at the forefront of their mind. It also lets your clients know that you value them as a customer.

Products that are branded with your company's logo can be a great corporate gift choice because they'll keep your brand front and center. For bigger clients, you may want to bring it up a level with a larger gift basket, perhaps one that reflects your company's product, or something a little more special like a luxury pen or tickets to a game.

Gifts For the Boss: When sending a special occasion gift to your boss, think appropriate and think professional. A nice bottle of wine or a mid-size gift basket can be great choices. Unless you have a close relationship, try to stay away from jokes and anything too personal.

Corporate Gifts For Employees: If your employees aren't already loaded down with SWAG, go for a unique branded product. From blankets to clocks to mugs, you can have almost any item imprinted with your company logo.

If you want to give corporate employee gifts that are a little more creative, try the gift of experience - let employees choose between a night at the movies with a spouse, skydiving lessons or a game of golf. Remember, corporate gifts for employees are about rewarding their talent and dedication, so pick something that will mean something to them.

Gifts For the Coworker: The corporate gift for a coworker can be difficult because it often depends on the closeness of your relationship. If your coworker and you have a more professional relationship, go for something simple like a gift basket of teas, chocolates, or wine. If you two have a friendlier relationship, one that exists outside of the office, you may want to consider their personal likes and dislikes. Try a gift magazine subscription, book, or a fun item for the office.

Finally, before choosing a corporate gift, assess the relationship that you have with the individual and consider the message you're trying to send about you and your business. Often once these two factors are set, you'll find everything else should fall easily into place.
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