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Can Direct Sales Lead to Financial Freedom?

Aug 23, 2007
The entire point of joining a direct sales opportunity is to gain financial freedom. It's not something you do because you want to lose money. Yet a lot of people - most, in fact, don't do all that well at it and many do lose money.

How do you avoid this?

First you need to realize that direct sales is more than the classic companies such as Avon. It's a great company still, but if they aren't what you want to do, you aren't stuck. You have a wide range of possibilities in direct sales, from the more traditional cosmetics to food to rather more "personal" merchandise.

And of course there are many more possibilities. The wonderful thing about direct sales is that you can find something to sell that you will be absolutely delighted to offer. After all, what's the point of trying to sell something that you don't really want to sell? Makes it too much like a job you hate.

One of the things that people don't always realize about direct sales these days is how it has changed due to the Internet. It's no longer something where your only option is to bug everyone you know to join the opportunity or buy products for you. Your horizons are much broader now.

This also means you have more chances to make mistakes with your direct sales business. More ways to annoy people because you just don't understand the best way to market online. More rules to follow, and make no mistake, many companies have rules about how you can market their opportunities online.

As you venture online, it pays to take some time to learn how to market right for the internet. There are a lot of little details that really matter. Like how do you promote your business on a forum? Done right you will impress people, but all too many do it in ways that are really annoying to the other forum users. Won't build a business that way.

If you want to use a direct sales opportunity to gain your financial freedom, you have to start with research, and lots of it. Research the opportunity. Research marketing ideas. Research your target market.

Are there secrets to doing well in direct sales? Without a doubt. But what works for one person won't for another, because so much depends upon personality. You have to take what works and make it a match for your style. Doing that will help you to have more fun and have a greater chance for success in direct sales.
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Stephanie Foster runs http://www.aspectsofhomebusiness.com/ as a resource for those trying to get started in home business. She offers more tips on succeeding in direct sales at her site.
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