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Using The Business Cycle In Your Online Business

Aug 23, 2007
Every business has its own ups and downs and you need to have right strategies in place to survive through the economic booms and recessions in order to have a thriving business. Like any other business, your online coaching business also requires prudent planning and smart strategies to sail smoothly through changing times. Business experts often advise entrepreneurs to closely follow business cycles in order to survive the fierce competition.

Understanding the business cycle can help you to predict change and gives you enough time to adapt yourself to this change. No matter how successful your online business is, there will be a time when it dips. You need to have a proper system in place to combat this sharp decline. The manner in which you deal with the highs and lows can greatly influence the success of your business.

Once you are able to understand the business cycle, you can develop a contingency plan to continue reaping profits even when the time is not favorable. You may consider the following tips to prepare your online business for the roller coaster ride of financial ups and downs.

Offering complimentary services

You may be a specialist in providing coaching services to HR professionals and may also have an impressive list of clients. However, you may consider offering complimentary services that can help your clients attain their business goals. If you are currently providing coaching to HR professionals to help them find the right expertise for their business and develop strategies for effective goal setting, you may compliment this by providing services to hone skills of new recruits and help them cope with the expectations of their new employers.

By providing complimentary services, you can expand your client base radically and stay ahead of your competitors. You may tie up with a colleague or a friend who specializes in finance to boost your business. Your clients will be more than happy to get additional services from you and you can earn a handsome commission from your friend every time someone requires his/her services.

Win clients from diverse markets

Business coaching skills can be practically applied to any industry to help businesses boost their performance, achieve business goals, enhance productivity, and maximize profits. When you target diverse markets, it is easier for you to stay in business all the time. For instance, if you are providing services to clients from hotel industry, you may expand your horizon by targeting clients from other hospitality industries. This will again, radically boost your business and safeguard your interests during changing times.


If your business is enjoying an all time high and you have more business than you can handle, it is time to outsource. This will keep your profit margin intact and also ensure that your clients are not disappointed.

Create interest

Invest some time in creating interesting strategies to invoke the interest of your target audience. Sending newsletters, organizing a contest, offering discounts are some of the many ways that can be used to attract potential clients.

You may gain a competitive edge over your competitors if you offer your coaching services at a discounted price. Beating the business cycle is all about using smart strategies to remain in business against all odds. If you play your cards well, there's absolutely no chance of losing business even during difficult times.
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