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The 5 Super Affiliate Secrets...

Aug 23, 2007
How can I become a super affiliate? What's the secret to a massive, passive income? These and so many more quetsions bother the mind of many people. And this article will deal with those questions, just to give you a better understanding of it all.

So what I did, I wrote down a couple of the secrets that helped me, and many other, reach super affiliate status. I am sure you will find them very useful if you pay close attention to every one of them. These are it:

Super Affiliate Secret #1:

Your website. Make sure you have a website online. This one thing can set you apart from many others out there, not taking that effort. If you see super affiliates, you'll notice that every one of them has a website. Either to advertise on adwords, or for any other reason. But this one thing is absolutely critical to your success. And if you don't have it covered, you aren't running a real bsuiness and chances to become a super affiliate will be a lot slimmer.

Let's move on...

Super Affiliate Secret #2:

A subscribers list. Yeah, maybe you don't think it's much of a secret... but it is. Most people don't even take the time to do this. And the results show it. They aren't exactly making the kind of money they wish for.

The money is really in the list, so focus your efforts on building one. And the money will come. The larger the size of your list, the more cash in your pocket, is a golden rule of thumb in this.

Super Affiliate Secret #3:

Interested traffic. What I mean by that is traffic that is actually interested in what you gotta tell them. Traffic that isn't interested in what you gotta say isn't gonna make you any cash. You need targeted traffic to become wildly successful in the longer run!

Traffic isn't that hard to get. You just have to actually do something to get it.

Super Affiliate Secret #4:

Conversions. If you gotta website, but it isn't converting into cold hard cash into your pocket, what good does this website really do then?

You always want to make sure it converts to the max. No matter if you are focused on Adsense, or on building your list. Conversion is the key to success once you got all the rest covered!

There is one more secret all successful people have in common, and that is this:

Super Affiliate Secret #5:

Take MASSIVE action. Taking action is really so important. This is where 95% of the people go all wrong. Don't make that same mistake! Taking action is really important. There is no magic potion you can spread over your website and kazaam... here comes the traffic and all the profits. It's just not gonna happen like that and anybody telling you this, is not telling the truth!
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