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Basic Misconceptions About Business Coaching

Aug 23, 2007
Business coaching is one of the most sought after practices, which helps in enhancing abilities to achieve considerable results within the organizational structure of a business. It provides speed to your endeavors and encourages you to reach to the zenith of success. Besides, it also sharpens your skills and increases your leadership quality manifold. The significance of coaching increases many times when considered in terms of increasing the business acumen of a person. It generally focuses on helping a business owner to develop a flawless business plan that can reflect its own identity. Though it is one of the best ways to bring effective results in a business, it is surrounded by several misconceptions, like considering human resource counseling as effective coaching and the like.

Some of the basic misconceptions are as follows:

. Counseling at work place is often considered as business coaching. Counseling at work place is often considered as business coaching, which is one of the main misconceptions of coaching. A number of organizations and human resources departments report that they provide coaching to their employees. But in reality, they offer them counseling.

. Owing to some of the similarities between business coaching and human resource counseling, business coaching is often considered to be same as counseling. However, the main difference between the two lies in the traditional and obsolete way of counseling. Though both include a client and practitioner and focus on the performance and functioning of an employee. Coaching helps build rapport and involves listening, questioning and reflecting skills. But the counseling model basically involves a remedial approach emphasizing deficits, not meeting a specific standard of conduct. However, coaching emphasizes strengths, empowerment and achievements and ways in which a business coach can influence these to develop.

. There is a great difference between business coaching and HR counseling. In case of human resource counseling, when an employee has some issues with the organization, the manager/ counselor works to solve the problem. But a business coach may not fix the problem. He will provide guidelines or suggestions that can eventually help you deal with the problem. Business coaches does not spoon feed a person or offer a readymade set of things. They help a person to become self dependent and able enough to deal with problems.

. Business coaching is a proactive way of dealing with situations. It is an on going process and aims at recognizing and solving several issues even before they crop up and create trouble.

. The business coach is often considered an expert, who can efficiently quick fix any crisis in an organization. A business coach is an expert in the use of behavioral change tools and techniques. He is a resource person but not an expert. Coaches assess the needs of an individual or organization. They offer their clients required resources to meet their set goals.

. Business coaches are considered specialists. They involve bringing about considerable changes in behavior and thoughts, enhancing the capacity to work better.
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