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The Types Of Executive Coaching

Aug 23, 2007
Nowadays due to increasing rate of attrition, organizations should be well prepared to:

. Manage and tutor highly talented workforce
. Tempt and retain highly talented employees
. Nurture and maximize the talent and performance of high achievers
. Handle performance as well as behavioral issues and interpersonal issues before they hamper the business

The above mentioned points need to be achieved within shorter timeframes and will lesser resources, by focusing on the bottom-line. This is when executive coaching comes handy. Executive coaching handles all the above challenges in the corporate world. Executive coaching helps executives to realize and release their inner potential to the maximum. Through executive coaching these executives are able to gain inner strength, accountability, choice, goals and this in turn, strengthen the organization.

Earlier executive coaching was viewed as a perk given only to the executives, but nowadays it is recognized as an effective management tool in the organizations to develop and retain high performance employees. In short executive coaching is a powerful tool that helps you become an expert at observing yourself in action and assists teams to reach beyond their current achievement levels.

Types of executive coaching:

High Potential Executive Coaching- This coaching module is designed to boost the efficiency and the success of those selected high performers and key players in the organization. High potential executive coaching leads the top players to the next level.

Coaching to handle career path issues- This coaching generally focuses on supporting executives in expounding their talents within the organization. Coaching also helps directing the executives onto the most suitable career path.

Interpersonal Coaching- This developmental interpersonal coaching is well planned to discover and handle interpersonal as well as behavioral obstacles that usually derails or detracts an executive's business efficiency.

Combination, absorption or aboard Coaching- This coaching module is intended to help new recruits or recently transferred executives to adapt smoothly and effectively transit into the new work situation.

Leadership Coaching- This coaching section is designed to improve the leadership talents of promoted individuals, or those who have been given new assignments within their organization.

Building Team- This coaching module focuses on productive maximization and also helps to elevate the ability of team members to work effectively together.

Benefits: These executive coaching modules in general develop the required leadership qualities of senior executives, high achievers and top performers by including:

. Openness to accept honest feedback
. Enhancement of interpersonal relationships between the executives, the mentors and the direct heads
. Presentation and communication skills
. Effective inter- personally skills
. Collaborative team spirit
. Modification in the leadership style so as to meet the needs of the senior officials.

Executive coaching is highly interactive as well as cost effective. This coaching is result driven and helps in creating effective executives. It enhances their productivity as well as improves their overall performance and thus, 100% results to the organization. It is basically driven as per the needs of the clients. It is in partnership between the client and the executive coaches and is well defined.
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