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The Search Engines Results Are Showing Meta Tags

Aug 23, 2007
Meta tags are still important today, one reason is that search engines still index them, especially Google. Meta tags are useful in getting better listings in the search engines. All of the tags, title, description and keywords are just standard HTML code which you will need to place on the top of each page below the HEAD section. META tags are not necessarily recognized by search engines as vehicles for ranking, although some still do read them and use them. Meta tags are not a mystery, they are simple and powerful, make sure you use them on your site. The reason you place the keyword tags on your page is to let the search engines know that these keywords are relevant to your page.

Keywords should be in a descending order of importance. When using Meta tags you they are important because it gives the search engines valuable information to put int their results. Make sure the keywords are in the title as well as in the body of the text. Make sure you write a description about your page using specific information and keywords, but keep it short and sweet. Although your keywords should all be relevant, sometimes it is best not to be too specific.

The Meta title is important on how your website is ranked the search engines, the search engines use this title and internet searches will refer to this title. The title should consist of the keywords being emphasized on the page. Importantly, the Meta title will be underlined in the search results. The title tags is very important, most search engines use this in their search results and this is your first sales pitch to draw in the potential customer. Once you understand why the title is so important you will start putting titles on all of your pages.

Sometimes even Google picks up description tag. The title and description should be short and to the point and they must include the keywords you are promoting. When writing a description the number of characters should be around 125-175, it will need to describe your website or page. It should be a one sentence phrase already in your head. To avoid being truncated (that is, cut) by search engines, the description should be brief - no more than 200 characters. Your description contains your important key phrase and key words. If you place your description and title on each page and make them different on each page this will increase your chances of having all pages indexed and having your site rank well in the search engines. Make sure you write a description about your page using specific information and keywords. That way, when your keywords are searched for this description will be displayed.

The Keywords Tag is a group of keywords that represents the content of your site. If there is hardly any content on a page the search engines will use the tags more often and be dependent on them. Unfortunately, a picture is worth 1000 words to you and me, but zero to a search engine. Many search engines will display this summary along with the title of your page in their search results. When you see the search results these are made up from the tags and content of your page.
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