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Factors to Consider When Starting a Manufacturing Business

Aug 23, 2007
Starting a manufacturing business may sound like a daunting task but when you break the different goals of the business into smaller tasks, you will find that manufacturing process actually has a routine nature after you had set-up the right process. The real challenge is how to set up this process though, below are some of the most important factors that you must consider.

Before you even think about going to a manufacturing business, you should first consider the features of the product you will introduce. You need to know why your product will stand out from the rest so that customers will prefer to buy it instead of the product of your competitor. You need a strong research and development department in this endeavor. The research and development team is responsible for creating the product you will make and sell at a later date.

However, you should note that nowadays, the research and development department of your company should be involved in different tasks that will help improve the production process of your company. It is also important to consider that you can enjoy tax breaks if the research and development department of your company uses innovative approaches in manufacturing the product.

After you have an effective research and development team, the next thing you should consider is whether the product they introduced can actually be manufactured in a cost effective way to maximize profit. There are three critical components you should consider in this regard, the first is the materials that you will be using; it is necessary for you to look at the fluctuation on the rates of these materials for you to determine if your production will be sustainable in the long run.

Then you need to choose whether this product will be manufactured manually or through automated equipments. Costing the product per item and analyzing the profitability you will enjoy is crucial to determine which method to use. Generally though, an automated manufacturing process usually provides you will a lower cost of the product per item but the problem with this method is the capital you have to invest. In addition, you also need to project if you can recover your capital in buying the necessary equipment from sales.

So the next important aspect you need to consider is the company's profitability. After you analyze the cost of your raw materials, labor, and equipment, you will now be able to know whether your profit margin is enough to sustain operations. Obviously, if the profit margin is too small to even break-even then further research on more effective processes may be required. But there are some products that really cost a lot of money to manufacture, in this case, it is your decision whether you want to go ahead with this business or find other kinds of businesses that will generate more profit.
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