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Benefits Of Offshore Companies

Aug 23, 2007
The prime object of setting up of an offshore company is to get maximum benefit from the economic opportunity of the company in which you are going to start your business. An offshore company, alternatively known as non resident company, offshore shelf company, or international company, is a company that does not carry out its business operations in its own country but in another country.

There are many reasons why people prefer to set up their businesses overseas, tax benefits and privacy being the prominent. However, some prerequisites are there to form an offshore company, such as Memorandum and Articles of Association detailing the objectives of the company as well as the rights of the members, Certificate of Incorporation which should be issued by the registrar of the company, directors, shadow directors, members, company secretary, statutory records, and proper bookkeeping.

Offshore companies are of different types including Limited Liability Company, Limited Guarantee Company, Protected Shell Companies, International Business Company, Companies Issuing Shares, Trusts, and Partnerships. All of these are just few among the many of the different types of companies that can be set up abroad.

However, the laws and regulations that govern these companies vary from country to country. Above mentioned are just an introduction on offshore company as well as its requirements and different types. Further elucidated in this article are some of the prime benefits of offshore companies.

As mentioned earlier, foremost of the benefits of offshore companies is that these organizations can perform their business without corporate taxes, which in turn allows companies to save considerable money. Tax benefits also helps for reduced regulatory cost and minimized compliances.

Another prime benefit of offshore companies is that they allow you to carry out business as an international entity; i.e offshore companies possess the same rights an individual has, hence can make investments, buy and sell real estates, trade in bonds and stocks, and set up any kind of business activities as per the laws of the country.

Likewise, setting up of a company overseas allows you to keep your business activities confidential, i.e it offers maximum privacy. Since companies are held by the Trust, the ownership of the company is held by the trustee.

This in turn provides maximum tax planning benefits. Apart from business confidentiality, offshore companies enjoy financial privacy, since these companies need not have to file their annual accounts with the government and also details of shareholders are not disclosed. Benefits of offshore companies also cover asset protection, as it enables the business owners to effectively manage wealth and to possess investment portfolios comprising bonds, cash, and stock.

Estate planning also forms a great benefit of offshore companies, which enables you to avoid capital gains and property transfer taxes via owning real estate and land. Above all, an offshore company can own intellectual property, consisting of copyrights, certificates for computer software, patents, and trademarks. On procurement of these rights, an offshore company has rights either to enter into license or franchise companies with those companies that are interested in utilizing these rights.

To summarize, offshore benefits provides a host of benefits such as:

- Trading on international level
- Tax benefits from treaties through intermediary holding companies
- Utmost confidentialty and wealth management
- Personal security
- Enables for property and land ownership
- Professional services
- Royalty and patent as well as copyright holding
- Listings on stock market
- Expertise on capital raising
- Tremendous savings on the reduction payroll and travel expenses
- Enhanced profit via franchising, licensing, and intellectual property rights

However, the aforesaid benefits can be derived only if you choose right jurisdiction for your business requirements. Some jurisdictions may be best for carrying out professional services, while some may be best for holding assets and investments.

There are jurisdictions whose specialties are ship ownership and management. Other jurisdictions may be suitable for conducting businesses in trading, holding investments, and financing. Hence, it is advisable to lean on specialists in order to get expert help for the formation of offshore company.

Many of these companies are competent, and offer services to choose most suitable business jurisdictions that go with your business goals, setting up of the company, incorporation of company, asset protection, company management, and secretarial services and offshore banking services.
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