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3 Great Ways To Attract Quality Prospects To Your Network Marketing Business

Aug 24, 2007
If you are a business owner, then attracting prospects to your business is your main focus. As a network marketer, this is crucial because your business is based on the concept of leverage. Therefore, it is not only imperative that you attract prospects, but you must attract those of the highest quality. A high quality prospect is someone who is ready to take action and move forward in partnering up with you to build their own business with your opportunity. The majority of people in MLM have a very hard time generating prospects, let alone, those of high quality. Use the following 3 ways to attract valuable prospects today.

Using pay per click advertising is one of the best ways to generate potential partners for your business. Pay per click (ppc)search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN are very popular and allow you to target your ads with your ideal goal in mind. You only pay when you get a click. Google ad words are the most popular and allow you to set up with as little as $5. If you are new to this type of advertising, first take the time to learn how to do it. DON'T begin without some knowledge on how to set up properly, select the right keywords and ad groups. Once you understand how ppcs work, then begin your campaigns and attract people of the highest quality to your business.

Blogging is a powerful way to brand yourself and get potential partners to contact you for more information about your opportunity. A blog is an online journal which you set up and include your thoughts everyday. You can also post information about your team on a blog. The easiest way to get set up with a blog is to go to blogger dot com and create a free one. Once you set it up, begin writing out your thoughts and be sure to link to your website. Each time you blog, go to pingomatic dot com and ping your blog. The search engines will know your content updated and will crawl all over it. Soon people will start to find your blog and potential partners will contact you.

When you write articles, you position yourself as an expert in any given field. When others see you as an expert in a field they're interested in, they contact you. As a network marketer it is vital for you to incorporate article marketing into your modus operandi. You may feel that you don't know how or what to write about. But that's not the case. You've got information in you that's very valuable to others. You can either write it yourself or get someone else to do it for you. This would be a ghost writer. You would be the author of the article. Another easy way to go is to read other articles on the topic and glean ideas you can flesh out into articles for publication. Once done, submit your article to directories that will publish it to the world for you. Do a search for such directories online.

Do not underestimate the power of these 3 great ways. Anyone network marketer who uses them well and consistently will attract very high quality prospects into their business. As you take action, using these strategies, you'll gain more experience and find other ways to fill your team with the right kind of leadership.
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