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How to Give your Online Business A Healthy Boost?

Aug 24, 2007
Giving your online business a hearty boost is a snap and all it takes is finding one expired domain name to use either for your home business website or part of your strategy with your own internet marketing business. Are you having doubts about this premise? Well, its true.

Think of it in these terms: you have a new business as a bookseller and you naturally want to sell as much books as you can. Wouldnt it be a lot wiser to buy a ready-made office space than to build one from scratch? The same premise goes with whatever online business you have in mind. Instead of subjecting your home business to the rigors of buying a new domain name, creating back links and promoting it, why not simply buy an expired domain and use it?

There are countless expired domain names in the web, most of them from small home business ventures or medium-scaled online business ventures that failed to catch on. Usually, a domain is paid, registered for a year, and a renewal fee follows.

If the original domain registrant fails to pay for the renewal fee of his online business, the domain expires and is set up for sale. Small-scale home business ventures can then avail of these for only the price of a yearly domain subscription; which is also the same price for a new domain name.

Often, registrants allow their domains to expire because of the following reasons: the registrant lost interest in continuing the domain, the registrant has been too pre-occupied to keep the domain running and the registrant is not well versed with how domains rank in search engines and may have given up when it failed to generate revenue. However, there are domains that have expired because they were banned by search engines.

It is relatively easy to check if a domain has been banned for illegal activities.You can do a Google search by simply typing in the name of the domain and see if listings come up. If there are listings, no matter how minimal, then the domain has not been banned at all. Although an expired domain may benefit your home business site and/or your own internet marketing business, you should still be careful in choosing a clean domain address.

This is by far, the only major disadvantage to the whole deal. Do not even attempt to circumvent the page ranking with a banned domain because this will only prove to be a waste of time. Whatever home business you might be planning will be better off without.


Online business ventures can benefit greatly from buying expired domain names. Some advantages of buying from an earlier made domain include:
An existing domain is easier to optimize for search engines and search engine rankings than a brand new domain. In fact, most expired domains may already have been indexed by major search engines.
An existing domain has regular stream of traffic, and some domains even have a hundred or so hits or visitors a day.
An existing domain already has its own set of back links or links on other websites that re-directs it back to your own.
Search engines now are giving higher ranking to older sites than the new ones. These older (albeit expired) domains already have established web presence in search engines.

Nonetheless, these advantages are in no way indications that you have smooth sailing from then on. A book is not only as good as its cover, but should also be as good as the reputation of the author and the marketing behind it.

For example, for your bookseller domain: you need to prove to your projected market as author of the site that you are a credible and reliable person / home business to do transactions with. Also, you need to market and advertise your site still, despite your domains previous traffic volume. Getting the professional advice of an authentic Internet Marketing Business company will help you to no end.

For your home business ventures new domain, it will also be of greater service if you can find out how your domain is doing with search engines. In any case, this will give you an idea how to optimize your home business site to a respectable ranking. Check also your acquired back links and if possible, what sort or market demographic the site is attracting.
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Stephen C Campbell (MBA, MSc, MCIM) is a business consultant who has
conducted business throughout Europe, Far East & the U.S. He specializes in helping
businesses use the new technologies as a part of their business strategies.

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