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How The Internet Home Business Benefits From Universal Search

Aug 24, 2007
The new Universal Search result includes video, news, images, maps and books. It is a blend of these and means more precise search result with diversified information. Google says that at the first phase the Universal Search concentrates on video, news, local and books.

1.So How Your Internet Home Business Can Benefit From Universal Search?
The answer is simple: you have to build an attention getting videos, which are optimized with your most important keyword. After that you can load your video to the video sharing sites, where the searchers can find the video with the help of the keywords.

2.How Can I Optimize My Home Internet Business Video?
a. Use a descriptive title. This helps your users to find the home internet business video. Make the description as precise as possible to get targeted traffic.
b. Use a clear description of your internet home business video to tell, what is the content and how it differs from the other videos in the business, i.e. what is the unique selling proposition. The video is at its best a very powerful medium, but requires a good planning.
c.Pick the most appropriate genre. For instance, if your video is a cartoon, you can select Animation as your genre.
d.Provide an URL to your internet home business website.

Your link, the URL, will be on the right hand side of your video under the Website header and those interested to get more information can click the link.

3. Get Your Internet Home Business Site Mentioned In Google News.
Just send your site to Google for review and they will include it to Google News.

4. Optimize The Images For The Most Important Keyword.
In the HTML, put the main keyword in the alt tags to target to the right searches.
Use it also in the file name, title and in the text near graphic.

Well, as an internet home business owner you may ask, whether this is the time well spend? Good question! I see the role of the marketing videos as a supportive mediums. The main issue still is the useful information to the site visitors.The video can be a powerful attention getter and has a strong ability to tell the main point to the visitor in seconds, which can be the criteria that the visitor continues on the page.

However, Google has made an important change in the SEO techniques, which affects to us all, whether we want it or not. So the best attitude is to take advantage of it and not to try to ignore it.
After this, every internet home business owner will follow, which sites will rank high at Google and whether they use these new SEO requirements.The result will make them to think.
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Juhani Tontti, B.Sc., Marketing. Find More Information About Different Optimization Techniques To Rank High On The Search Engine Results Pages With Your Internet Home Business.
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