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MLM Success Tips - Why Risking Failure Is Good For Your Business

Aug 24, 2007
Be honest with yourself...if you are currently struggling to build your MLM business and haven't figured it out yet then no amount of MLM success tips are going to take you to the next level.

Why is this? Because it starts with you and unless you want to succeed you are going to be fighting an uphill battle all the way.

If you're reading this you've probably just had "your nose put out of joint" and you're thinking "who is this guy to tell me I don't want to succeed. Of course I want to succeed!"

What sets the high achievers in network marketing apart from the mediocre performers? The answer is simple...the high achievers want it so badly they'll step outside their normal comfort zone and take a risk or two. They're prepared to cop a bruise or two along the way. In other words, they take risks.

One of the biggest drawbacks to people succeeding in network marketing is their lack of success programming. Many of us have been told since we were old enough to listen to take the safe options in life... "don't to this or you'll regret it or you can't do that because are you really good enough?"

Hear statements like that for long enough and you are going to believe them as gospel. For too long, unsuccessful people have been avoiding risk in their lives; no, not the kind of risk that will get you hurt or killed but the risk to take two steps forward in their lives and experience failure.

Did you know there is a statement that says avoiding risk is the biggest risk of all. It's true. How do you expect to make inroads into your path to financial freedom if you don't take a risk and fail once in awhile?

Approaching the business from the point of view of just "dipping your toe in the water" is more or less self defeating. An MLM success tip you should heed right now is most people deep down are afraid to succeed. They're afraid of the change it might bring to their lives or they will have to do things differently which might be an inconvenience.

It all comes down to controlling your fears. The fear of becoming successful. It's one of the best MLM success tips you'll hear. Control your fear and be prepared to risk and fail a little and magical things can happen.
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