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5 Step Check List for the Best Affiliate Marketers

Aug 24, 2007
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The above paragraph comes from one the best domain sites out there, but this article has nothing to do with that product or even the SBI company, what Im about to deliver to you is a step by step check list of how to get started as the some of the best affiliate marketers, so that you can earn an online income selling great products like the one above.

Associate programs are revenue sharing arrangements set up by companies selling products and services. As a web site owner, you are rewarded for sending customers to the company.

Step one: Find your interests and passions

The internet fools people into believing that all the good ideas are already taken, not true. In fact, it is has given birth to many creative wonders who are earning an income doing what they love.

Find out what excites you, and then create a small niche site around it. Maybe you know all about herbs or hundreds of ways to save on your taxes. Choose something that you know a lot about and are willing to learn more on then find associated products that relate to that niche.

As a goal to be one of the best affiliate marketers, its always best to write about products that you have firsthand experience with, affiliate marketing success is highly dependent on credibility, the more you show your browsers that you are a credible resource the better. They wont buy your product if they feel that you are not giving an honest review of the product.

Step two: Find your audience

Now that you have your niche theme, its time to find your audience. Many people make the mistake of building a website and then trying to find out who would be interested in it. Work the other way around; locate your target market first.

Zero in on a group of people with a particular interest or problem. Find out where they gather, what magazines or ezines they read, what web sites they visit? What email discussion groups they subscribe to.

Step 3: Build a website

Online promotion is easiest when you have your own domain name. There are several places to get a domain at relatively cheap price. Once you have your domain name you can load articles, audios and even videos on it.

As mentioned before the best affiliate marketers have it easier when you have already built trust. Do not attempt to hard sell your prospective customers. Earn their trust by providing valuable resources before you start to soft-sell them.
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