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Careers in Photography: Do You Have a Future in Photography?

Aug 26, 2007
A camera can create a thousand words in the form of images it developed. And so does the photographer behind the camera. Photographers generate and conserve and capture memories. Be they portraits, events, and natural occurrences if captured on camera can preserve a whole lot of remembrances. The work of a photographer may be limited to the actual shooting of the camera or it may include the whole process of development of the image up to the end product. To produce the desired quality of photographs, the photographer must have both technical expertise and creativity. Today photographs can either be taken by the use of video cameras, digital cameras or the traditional silver-halide films cameras. Taking pictures and developing them necessitates some gears and gadgets and attachments to give out a picture perfect end result.

Photographers on different types of photography jobs can have different working hours and working environment. But those working with the media, the arts and printing can take longer hours than necessary. They operate still, video or digital cameras to take photos and images to be used in a variety of media. There are photographers in the field of fashion, in the world of news, in the sports arena, as a photographic artist and technical photography. As there are also self-employed which specialize in one of these fields. Some are working in their own studios while still others are provided by their employers. More often they are in studio labs with all the trappings and cameras necessary for developing a picture. Salary figures can also vary. There is no determining exactly a particular wage rate or as an indication of what a photographer will earn in that certain job. Some if not all work in metropolitan areas.

Photography is a skill as well as an art. Employers will employ those with the right sense of imagination, creativity and the practical knowledge of photography. Photographers with portfolio which represents their entire work experience. It is a compendium of his style, formats, and end results. Since it this job necessitates skills, job prospects are generally good. Advancement for the employed would depend on the years of experienced like for media photographers, they may advance to picture editor positions. Others teach at technical schools, film schools or universities. But this can said that salaried photographers earn more than those who are self-employed. Freelance photographers have to buy their own equipment. That way their expenditures are way far over than those who have employers who provide them with their contrivances.
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