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Getting Ranked Higher on Search Engines

Aug 26, 2007
If you are new to internet marketing, you are probably facing the horrifying task of trying to get your site listed on the first page of the search engines. You probably have no idea how to improve your ranking or where to begin. For the purposes of this discussion, we will outline the procedures you should follow to do better on the search engines, while still making sure that you attract qualified traffic that will actually be receptive to the products or services that your website offers.

The first thing you need to understand is that your search engine ranking will not improve overnight. Watch our for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) consultants. They will charge you a hefty sum for their services, sometimes as much as $2,000 per month or more. They often make dubious claims that they can get you ranked on the first page of the search engines within a few months, and they will usually offer a money-back guarantee.

However, once you pay the initial deposit and the SEO company begins working on your website, they will rig your website so that you will be able to quickly rise to the top of the rankings for insignificant keywords that will not attract any visitors to your site.

For example, if your website provides auto insurance quotes, any SEO consultant knows that it will be extremely difficult to get your website ranked on the first page of Google for a highly sought after phrase such as AUTO INSURANCE QUOTES. So, instead, they will pick a less popular phrase, such as AUTO INSURANCE QUOTES FAST, for which there is no competition, and you will quickly rise to the top. The only problem is no one will ever actually use that exact phrase when searching for auto insurance quotes, so even though the SEO company delivered on its promise to improve your ranking, you will still not receive any traffic.

So, you need to use a different approach if you want to not only improve your ranking, but also attract qualified traffic to your website. The first thing you need to do is optimize your website for the keywords or phrases that people actually use when searching for products or services related to what you offer. For example, if you sell candy, you would want to improve your ranking for the phrases BUY CANDY or BUY CANDY ONLINE. To optimize your website for your chosen keywords, you should either hire a web designer that has experience optimizing websites, or you should purchase search engine optimization software that will show you how to optimize your HTML code so that your site is set up properly. You should also try to have a decent amount of free content on your website that relates to your subject matter.

The next step is to submit your site to the search engines, if you have not already done so. There are hundreds or even thousands of legitimate search engines and directories in cyberspace, and you should submit to all them. I recommend that you look for search engine submission companies on Google and pick one that charges a small monthly fee to submit your site to the search engines once every month.

The last and most crucial step to improving your ranking is increasing your link popularity. You can write articles and submit them to article submission directories. At the bottom of each article you write, you are allowed to include a link to your website. As the articles you write are put into circulation and are published on other websites, your link popularity will increase. Also, you should do some pay-per-click or other paid advertising in order to promote your business, and eventually you will acquire some links as the word spreads about your site.

If you employ each of the strategies we have discussed, you should be able to improve your search engine ranking. No website can improve upon its ranking overnight, but if you are persistent, eventually, your hard work will pay off.
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