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7 Internet Marketing Secrets That Will Curl Your Toes

Aug 27, 2007
Unlike other forms of marketing, online marketing allows you to determine your results almost immediately. Because of this, many marketers have shifted their marketing efforts to the web. However, just because you now have a means to determine which campaigns are producing results and which one are not does not mean that you will become a guru at internet marketing, not unless you learn these internet marketing secrets.

1) Website directory listing

A web directory is a web page which consists of organized, categorized links to other web pages. Before you begin an online marketing campaign ensure that the website is listed on one of the major world wide web directories: DMOZ, Lycos, Yahoo, and Open Text. This will not only increase your traffic but it ensures that your prospective customers can continue to
find your marketing pages long after the launch of your campaign.

2) Generating Traffic

No website is profitable without traffic. In order to see results you must first generate traffic. This can be done through, GoogleAdwords, article marketing, and exchanging links with other sites. Another popular method is to research other websites that have the audience you're looking for and negotiate favorable ad rates for your online marketing campaign.

3) Specific marketing pages

Good marketing means knowing what you want your prospects to do. Therefore, do not send your prospective buyers to a generic website, reason being they will not know what to do next. Whenever you are creating a marketing campaign online, provide a specific page for leading customers to your product or service. The fewer steps the customer has to take to get to the product and make the purchase the more consumers will buy.

4) Testimonials

Testimonials are still the number one leading way to sell your product or service. People feel more confident to buy when they get the opinions of previous satisfied customers. After each purchase ask the buyer for a testimonial, keep the convincing ones to show your prospects.

5) Make your offer magnetic

You want to draw your buyer in right away, so your offer should stand apart from those already on the market. A Free gift or trail is a great way to get peoples attention. You could offer a free 7 day trail or a free report. Just be sure to keep your selling point outside the box and to test and measure its response.

6) Develop trust

No one wants to buy from a company that they feel wary about. Before you can see marketing results you need to establish trust with your prospective buyer. Help them to see that they can feel safe, giving you their personal information and making the purchase. Popular methods are by displaying safety and reliability icons such as BBB online and Verisign.

7) Give them your guarantee

Giving your customers a satisfaction guarantee or a money back guarantee is a surefire way to put your customers at ease.

Because internet marketing secrets allows you to find the right audience, and deliver your marketing message efficiently and effectively it has proven to be a very powerful marketing method. As an online marketer, or a local business wishing to do online marketing, you should apply the tips and techniques provided above to propel your success. Using these internet marketing secrets will allow you to have a "hands up" on everyone else in the world of internet marketing.
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