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How to Start a Business on EBay

Aug 27, 2007
Nutritional supplements are great business adventures for virtually anyone. You can easily start a nutritional supplement home business with little start-up costs. With a little creativity and confidence in your product, you can make a fairly lucrative income in no time.

What exactly are nutritional supplements? They are vitamins and other types of supplements such as minerals and oils that people can take to supplement their daily diets. These are not prescriptions or miracle cure items.

So what is the easiest way to set up the nutritional supplements home business? At your fingertips is the internet with literally hundreds of thousands of online shopping centers. You can find one that offers nutritional supplements at wholesale prices. Try to find one that will also provide free samples and even free shipping.

The next thing you need to do is to find out their shipping time and any hidden shipping and processing fees. Shop around until you find one that offers shipping in several days instead of three to six weeks. Some will even offer drop-shipment for you.

Your nutritional supplements home business can grow and prosper on ebay. Remember those wholesale nutritional supplements? Open up an ebay account if you do not already have one. You will want to select the sell item choice on the ebay account menu. There, you can select the appropriate category for the particular nutritional supplement product you will be selling for your home business.

Provide a detailed description. Describe what the nutritional supplement is used for. Make sure to tell people that this is not a prescription and make no cure or health claims. Describe the number of nutritional supplement items that will be in the bottle. Give them a desire to actually buy the product. Most nutritional supplement products virtually sell themselves.

You will need to set a price for your nutritional supplements. While shopping around, you will probably get a general feel for how much various supplements cost at retail price. You will want to price your nutritional supplement items below regular retail price but higher than the wholesale price you are paying for the item. For example, if it retails for $10 and you paid $5, then you would want to set your price at $7.

Next, you will want to determine your shipping and handling costs. A drop-shipment means that the supply company where you get your nutritional supplement products will ship the items directly to your customers. This means you do not have to have inventory! Figure out how much it is going to cost to get the item from the supplier to the customer. Add one dollar and this will be your shipping and handling charges.

What if the wholesale supplier doesn't drop ship? Well, you will then figure out how much it is going to cost you to have the item shipped to you and then for you to ship to the customer. Your best option is finding a wholesale supplier that will ship to you free so that you are not charging a ton for shipping.

Select the number of days for shipping. Typically you want to allow an additional two days from the amount of time it will take to drop-ship to the customer or additional 5 days if you have to wait for the product to come to your home and then ship back out to the buyer.

The final step is to set your auction days. Go ahead and set it for 7 days so that there is plenty of time to collect bids.

Once there is a bid on the project and you have finalized all the details, you will need to receive payment and ship it out. Your first sale will be complete!

Afterwards, keep handy note cards with all your customer's addresses. Once a month you can send them a re-order form to purchase more nutritional supplements when the original runs out. You are then up and running for your nutritional supplement home business.
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