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Aug 27, 2007
Writing a review article for a product is one of the greatest ways to get targeted traffic. Customers are looking for information to help them decide what to buy. By giving them the helpful information they need, you are aiding them to make that decision and are gaining a higher level of trust. If you do it right and they decide to buy right then, they will click on the link in your article to purchase from you. This is the whole basis of writing article reviews. Here are three methods to go about writing a review article.

The first way to write a review article is to buy the product. Firsthand knowledge allows you to list all the advantages and disadvantages of the product. Although it can be an expensive way to get information, you will be able to provide solid information. You will have a real review. Another option to consider is to ask the owner for a trial, and tell them you own a popular review site that you plan reviewing their product on. Many companies would love the chance to get a review, if they knew it could bring them some business. It can't hurt to ask.

A second way, is to take a survey of others who have used the product or service before. You can ask them questions about the product using a standard set of questions you would like to cover in order to give a good review. You can also ask them to give it a rating on a scale of one to ten. Online forums are a great place to find users who would be nice enough to give you the information you are looking for. If you are able to find enough customers to take your survey, this is a great way to write an accurate review without having to buy the product.

The third, cheapest, and fastest way to write a review article is to search for other review articles on the same topic. Search Google for other review articles and compile the points you would like to highlight/summarize in your own words. Include the good and the bad comments of the customer's experience that you found. Then, just average the ratings you got from them and you are done. With this method, you dont have to buy the product or spend time trying to locate other owners to interview.

Purchasing products and services is a good way to get information for writing review articles. But, if you advertise a lot of them, be ready to spend a lot of money and hope they convert! You may want to interview additional users or search other reviews. Whichever way you choose to do it, writing review articles is one of the most profitable forms of article marketing today.
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