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How To Generate More Interest In Your Multi Level Marketing Business

Aug 27, 2007
Is it a better idea to promote the multi level marketing business or your business? This is an area many eager distributors often confuse and the truth is, unless you are promoting yourself and your team's business, you could be harming the growth curve of your business.

It's been said many times...your prospects will join you, not the business opportunity so promoting yourself first and your team second, will benefit your bottom line in the long run.

Too many times distributors spend way too much time talking about a particular company. Remember, you are a marketer in the multi level marketing business. Marketing yourself and your team is your top priority.

Spending hours trying to convince prospects how great a company's products are or how generous the compensation plan will impress for a while but believe me, when someone is looking at your opportunity it will soon wear off. They are talking to you because there must have been something they liked about you.

What am I getting at here? Basically, when you attracted your prospect, he/she more than likely is looking at you as an expert.

Let's take this a step further. What if you actually offered something of value to your prospect from the beginning. For example, you offer them a special report on how to attract prospects to your multi level marketing business. Don't you think that would be impressive?

Okay, it may not impress everyone but you can bet your bottom dollar, if your prospect found the report invaluable they will be interested to learn more. That's what I'm talking about when I say give value. You've just positioned yourself as expert.

This is a far more attractive lure than simply stating what everyone else is about how great the company is and how life changing it's products are. It's just thinking outside the box.

By offering them something of value first you are then in a position to offer them a course of action. You are in a position to direct them to to where you think it would benefit them best. This is more than likely your multi level marketing business.

The best part is, if they don't join your business it really doesn't matter. You have already established yourself as someone they can trust so in most cases, they will be more than happy to remain in your funnel.

So what type of report can you offer? Anything you perceive the prospect will see as value. For example, it could be a report on making money, steps you should take to build lasting wealth, tips on attracting prospects to network marketing.

Remember, the report should be enticing enough and leave a prospect with enough curiosity to want to know more.
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