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Automated Prospecting Systems- Your Uplines Dirtiest Secret to Making the Big Bucks!

Aug 28, 2007
MLM and automated prospecting systems. Imagine after all the heart and soul, blood sweat and tears you've poured into building your big dreams MLM business, after following your uplines "EXACT" steps, all of that to find yourself chin deep in more credit card debt than you've ever imagined!

Well it happened to me! If you are new to the industry and reading this don't let it happen to you!

You see most people believe that starting an MLM business takes TIME to "Prime the Pump" so to speak. Wait until the momentum get going- cripes how many times do you need to hear that one! Not with automated prospecting systems.

- Have they got you spending your hard earned cash on dead head leads?
- Frustrated and still beating your ego senseless making cold calls?
- Flabbergasted at why people less capable, talented, smart and less driven than you, make more $$$?

FORGET about buying leads, cold calling, prancing around hotel meetings and anything else your upline tells you works! If it worked so well, you wouldn't be reading this article. Automated prospecting systems save you time, money and a lot of crying in building you downline effectively.

So why do 98% of MLM'ers fail at their home based businesses? Because they're either faking it till they make it bankrupt (like I did, YAP, for over 62,742$ to be exact!!!) and or, overlooking this very CRUCIAL point.

Evaluate the amount of time, effort and $$$ you put into your business to the $$$ rewards and revenues your time, effort and $$$ pays you!

Trust me if it ain't working now it won't 2,3 and even 5 yrs from now! Simple concept right? So why is it so often overlooked?

I like to call it brainwashing- because it is! Newbies in MLM and even seasoned pro's fall for it time and again. Sometimes even skip from one company to the next always searching for the right company, product, comp plan. All wrong!

Look my good friend Karl, forced by his upline to fork over 250$ a crack for "10 SUPER leads" each month. He wound up with over 3000$ in credit card debt without a single rep that signed up! NOT because he was stupid, NOT because he wasn't smart enough to make the big bucks, because he believed in himself and the faulty methods his upline used.

So you ready to find out the dirtiest secret your upline uses to make the big bucks but never told you?

I'll give you a hint, think about it, we live in the information age. So why not use the power of information at the speed of light A.K.A

THE INTERNET- more specifically automated prospecting systems.

Why is it at all the international rally's the BIG FISH dance around on stage discouraging the little fish to using the Internet to help propel their businesses? Easy, they're afraid of filling the pond with too many BIG FISH. Too many BIG FISH = not enough small fish to eat!

Now that is all fear based and absolutely ridiculous thinking if you ask me! Abundance - please there exists plenty out there for everyone. With home-based business being a trillion dollar booming industry, common! Certainly plenty for everyone to chew on!

I know I know, with all that is out there on the Internet, all the different options for making money, how do you choose? That's easy, find the person that's failed the most and still made it to the top! Use their wisdom, blood, sweat and tears before sacrificing your sanity. What do the BIG FISH use, you guessed it, automated prospecting systems.

Imagine this scenario for a minute...Opening your inbox every day to find qualified, interested leads that PAID you to find them!! Sounds too good to be true eh? I'm a Canadian so I can say eh!

Getting paid to find pre-warmed, qualified, eager to join your business leads! NOT paying to get leads. SO not the traditional way to do MLM at all, but there it is. The secret in a nutshell, why the BIG FISH get BIGGER every minute, and why you continue to sink to the bottom of their pond!

BIG FISH are masters of the information age and are using the Internet to propel them to even greater wealth. So now the secret is out about automated prospecting systems. What will you do with it?

Don't make the same mistake I did! There exist much easier, cheaper and time efficient ways to use the power of leverage to build your downline!

A wise investment for anyone serious about building an MLM business to write home about, before it's too late!
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Vanessa Simpkins is a professional network marketer who specializes in teaching others how to be successful with network marketing. If you want to get in touch with Vanessa or learn more about network marketing success please visit:Free Network Marketing Advice
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