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The Secret Formula to Affiliate Success

Aug 28, 2007
The internet has become a reservoir for buyers and sellers. Consequently, this has to lead to wave of online malls pouring onto the internet. The customers are then left with websites that offer little, if any content, a lengthy URL which is not only forgettable but annoying to type in and a array of products tossed all over the webpage.

A number of affiliate marketers opt for this method of marketing. The reasoning behind it if I offer all my sponsors products on this freebie website Ill not only make money but I wont have to spend any on a domain. The problem is that they never truly take their customers needs into consideration and fail to reach affiliate success.

Everyone that logs onto the internet has a need of some kind. They are either looking for a friend, a weight loss solution, a method to get through their college reading material faster, or maybe just a new pair of hiking boots. Whatever it is, they have a reason for being there. Online shopping differs from offline shopping in that online customers are looking for something specific, they dont normally browse and they hate to be confused.

Given this bit of information the secret to getting more sales as an affiliate marketer is to offer one quality product on a website with a registered domain name.

Instead of signing up with 20 anti aging affiliate websites choose one that you know will sell and then create a website around that. Offer your customers articles that provide hard to find information, create a forum where visitors can discuss what works among themselves, write a newsletter that visitors can subscribe to. The goal is create a community thus building trust. This makes it easier to soft sell your customers without bombarding them with several different products that may or may not relate each other.

Before you begin to set up your website you will first have to have a domain name. Having a paid registered domain name as opposed to a free site on tripod or Angelfire is a difference of night and day. For starters, you appear more professional; you care enough about your business to invest money in it, and with domains being as low as $30 a year you can afford to give this impression.

Secondly, the affiliate success of many websites is dependant on links and there are websites out there that will not allow free domain names onto their site. This makes it hard to get listed on Google and Yahoo and especially Ask.com which only ranks sites that are linked to by other sites.

When choosing a domain go with one that is easy to remember and brand-able. Try to keep it short and simple with keywords that relate to your product. Affiliate success and a website about antiaging could be, anti-aging solutions, anti-aging remedies, stop aging, etc. Even if you do use your name try to incorporate some keywords.

Try and stay with the .com extension. It has become synonymous with the internet and is much more recognized than the .net, .org, .cc, etc.. This is true especially if you will be doing offline publicity and marketing.

Whatever you decide keep your website focused around one thing. Just remember the secret formula-one product + one domain=profits. Affiliate success is then right around the corner.
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