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Why Your Dog Won't Eat This Tasty Career Update Plan! 5 Critical Steps!

Aug 28, 2007
Every so often we're hit by the career update urge. Over time the urge matures into a realization that the time is right for change. But the thought of letting go of a good-paying, secure job is truly scary. That's when the dig eats it . . . and nothing gets done!

The solution to this career update dilemma is easy to report but tough to carry out. Still, thousands have been in the same situation--torn between staying and leaving.

Do your homework before you make any final decisions. Here are some guidelines to help ease the transition.

1. Make a list of everything you've got going for you. This includes all your strengths, capabilities and assets. Do NOT focus exclusively on your work history or job descriptions. Do NOT prepare a resume at this point. It's too limiting.

2. Select a range of organizations that are consistent with your capabilities and interests without considering whether or not they have job openings.

3. Identify the person you would report to if you went to work there. Presumably this is the person who would be making a hiring decision about you.

4. Discover innovative ways to meet informally face-to-face with this person . . . NOT an interview. The best resource for arranging this is to get introduced by people you know . . . friends, neighbors, relatives, religious leaders and fellow members, past and current co-workers and former bosses, former classmates, etc.

5. Meet with these prospective employers in non-interview settings . . . strictly for the purpose of gaining insight into the organization and getting their advice. In that context you can make some intelligent decisions about what's appropriate for you.

It can be a very exciting time when you approach your career update in an enlightened way. The secret to success is to have a comprehensive plan that allows you to explore a range of options. When you do, you will discover that you are qualified for many more opportunities than your resume would allow you to believe.

Then your career update plan should have a step-by-step procedure for accomplishing you goals. After all, career change takes place in the real world. That means your plan has to consistent with the needs and expectations of today's job marketplace.

For example, being in control of the career update process and finding a job that matches up with all your requirements is no longer as simple posting your resume on a few job sites. Unless you're satisfied with picking through the leftovers! A powerful job search plan can pay big dividends.
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