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Whats the Deal with Platinum Plastic

Aug 28, 2007
Most people want more from their credit card then just a good percentage rate, and at the same time do not like the hassles that come from specialty cards. They just want a good card that also offers valuable benefits to them as customers. Using the Chase Platinum Card is a great card for people looking for those things in their credit card. It does not have all the extras of a specialty card, but what it does offer is good rates and more importantly great benefits. These benefits give the cardholder piece of mind as he or she uses the card, or doesn't.

The first benefit of using a Chase Platinum Card is the knowledge that if your card is ever lost or stolen, you will never be held responsible for any unauthorized purchases. What could be worse then to find out your credit card has been stolen and the charges are more then you could ever hope to pay for if you were liable for those purchases. This is piece of mind that simply cannot be bought and is invaluable to people who want to do everything they can to protect their credit, which is exactly who this card is intended for as you must have good credit to apply for it.

The next added benefit of owning a Chase Platinum Card is free online access. Most people who use the internet, like to be able to access their accounts online, which is usually quicker then having to call the credit card company. This is also very useful if you feel there is something wrong with your account; you can easily access it from your computer and see exactly what is happening with the account.

The third benefit that comes from using the Chase Platinum Card is for those who travel, whether occasionally or extensively. Chase offers free auto rental insurance, which is not only convenient but a big cost saver to travelers. The next travel benefit is worldwide accident insurance. This also is a way that Chase gives its cardholders piece of mind. Whether they travel to the next state or around the world, they are protected.

New cardholders have one more advantage in applying for and receiving their chase Platinum Credit card. They enjoy possibly one full year of zero percent interest rates on purchases and balance transfers, just one more benefit of the Chase Platinum Credit Card.
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