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How to Overcome Network Marketing Paralysis

Aug 28, 2007
Will Rogers said, "Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there."

This is true for all aspects of your life, but especially in your online business. The problem is that there are so many things to learn, so many things to do to get the ball rolling, that it is easy to become overwhelmed. People get so paralyzed by confusion about what they should and in what order that they end up doing nothing at all.

There is a popular mantra used by Network Marketers: "It's simple, but it's not easy." This may seem like a contradiction, but what it means is that the methods you need to use to get your business going are not rocket science...but getting started and gaining momentum can be difficult.

I have my own mantra that has served me well over the years. "It takes less energy to change direction than to overcome inertia." I don't remember enough about my high school physics class to know if that's strictly true, but from a motivational perspective, I can tell you that it works. The trick is to quit thinking about doing, and just start doing.

Whatever business you're in will require you to do things you've never done before...create an advertising campaign, write articles, build a website, etc. The list of new things you will have to learn to do can take on the appearance of an invincible monster. The best way to defeat the monster is to start taking action.

Begin with something that looks relatively easy, even if it's completely outside your realm of experience. Get comfortable with it, gain a little proficiency, and move on to the next thing. You don't have to be the world's greatest at any one of these methods to be a success in your online business; you just need to do them consistently.

You'll find two things to be true as you start to make progress. First, as you begin to learn new things, your mind will become used to processing new information and the next course of action you take will become easier. Second, you'll gain confidence that you can accomplish things that seemed formidable when you started out, which will in turn add to your momentum.

You also need to realize that not everything you do is going to bring immediate results...so don't get discouraged, and don't sit back and wait for things to start happening. When you're confident that you're doing something moderately well, keep doing it and take the next step. Complacency and procrastination will kill a start-up business before it even has a chance to take root and begin growing.

So get on the right track, and keep moving! Don't let the train run you over!
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Bill Cox is an entrepreneur and Network Marketer capitalizing on the power of the internet to build a residual income and financial freedom.

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