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Actors, Producers and Directors: Make a Career Choice

Aug 28, 2007
It is a feat to produce, act, and direct in an artistic manner especially when one is under stress. Nevertheless, the rehearsals, the repetitions, and the reconstructions of scripts and perspectives throughout one production day in the production timetable is worth it, as one actor or actress, director or producer can earn as much as $50,000 depending on the frequency of one's appearances in shows or production meetings.

Yet for some actors, producers and directors, life is far from the television, film, or stage one expertly moves in. Some actors who do not earn that much would augment their incomes by taking jobs in another field. The same thing is true with some small-time producers and directors. An actor, by the way, is someone who performs in a movie, a stage, on the radio, television, cabarets, nightclubs, theme parks, advertisements, you name it, they are all over the place called the entertainment industry. Some work as extras playing minor roles like simply saying a few lines or none at all or simply lending to ads the voice it will need to promote a product or service.

Producers, on the other hand, comprise the entrepreneurial decision-making center of the entire production team, as they serve as the overseer of the business and financial aspects of the motion picture, television or stage production. They approve scripts, negotiate contracts with actors, designers and directors, conduct relevant researches and guarantee salaries and the other needs of the rest of the production staff. Directors, if one should ask, are those responsible for the approval and implementation of the stage or set design, costumes, in fact, the entire artistic concept to be acted out in the stage, film, television, or radio is his territory.

Working in irregular hours or after a month of unemployment between contracts, some actors, as said earlier, are driven to take jobs other than acting. However, the type of production to be staged or filmed may be exciting as much as it also could be upsetting to the uninitiated. One gets to travel with the crew if the setting of the film is in another country that is, even in the worst weather conditions. That's why we see Tomb Raider in a seemingly remote part of the icy Arctic or Tom Hanks inside an Egyptian pyramid or James Bond in one of his musings somewhere in Monaco. This means that exposure to even the harshest of conditions, as much as the fact that one gains experience from location shootings and grueling dress rehearsals, is the knowledge that stress levels pace at a higher and faster rate in jobs like these than in an average-working-hour job.

All's well that ends well, the greatest playwright, Shakespeare once wrote. But then again, it is not as if life were a stage.
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