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A Network Marketing Trend

Aug 28, 2007
There's been a trend I've come across of late. Not sure if i'm the only one but this is how it goes. I received an email from someone in Malaysia asking me to join his MLM. Then another 1 from the USA saying join this "MLM now, ride the next big wave."

This gets to me for 1 reason. Why jump ship and encourage others to do the same? If you're a Network Marketer, then stay in your MLM business unless its for some earth shattering reason that you wish to change your business. By having to jump ship and tell everyone this is the opportunity to join, it just tells everyone that you need to be at the top to make money, and that there is no longevity in this business.

Why would any one wish to join network marketing when there is no long term stability and wealth, and in order to make it, we need to jump ship and ride a new wave??

A Primary Network Marketing business should be one that you know you will stay with the product even if the business wasn't there. There are many good products in the market. Shaklee's good, Myhunza's good, GDI is good, just to name a few. So if you're in these businesses, then stay in them. There is no need to quit just because someone asked you to switch.

Products aside, the other important thing is the importance of the team. if you have an up line that is not supportive, it makes things harder, but its not impossible. In other words, for you to succeed, you need to be the sponsor you never had. It also makes you more independent. People who are clingy and needy in this business, or desperate to make a buck online will not succeed at network marketing, whether you're in Success University, GDI, Nuskin, Mary Kay, whichever business you're in, you're going to fail if you don't learn the RIGHT skills to sell the business and products.

In other words, if you're relying on your Warm market, creating a list, calling and speaking to friends to join your business, that's not going to work. People will decide when they're ready to do network marketing. When people feels its their decision rather then succumbing to hard sell tactics, they will be ready and receptive to become MLM leaders. And leaders are those you want on your team.

And there is another trend, this I will write about soon. Meanwhile, stay in your network marketing business and make the magic happen by becoming that sponsor you never had!
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